[Oxford University Cricket Club, 1922.] Autographs of the eleven, including future England Captain Greville Stevens, the Australian R. H. Bettington, R. C. Robertson-Glasgow and R. L. Holdsworth.

Greville Stevens [Greville Thomas Scott Stevens; G. T. S. Stevens] (1901-1970), Oxford University Cricket Club, 1922; England captain [R. H. Bettington; R. L. Holdsworth; R. C. Robertson-Glasgow]
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No date or place, but the same eleven that played at Oxford in May 1922.
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On a 16.5 x 20 cm piece of faded and lightly-worn light-green paper, with small diagonal cuts at corners where the item was mounted in an album. The players’ names are neatly presented in a column (there is no other text on either side): ‘OUCC | Greville Stevens | R. L. H. Holdsworth | J. D. Percival | V. R. Price | R C Robertson Glasgow | P E Lawrie | M Patten | R H Bettington | T B Raikes | L. P. Hedges | R R P Barbour’. This is the same eleven which won a match at Oxford against the Free Foresters on 20 May 1922. An all-rounder bowling leg spin and googly, the captain Greville Stevens did not fulfil his potential. He played ten matches for England between 1922 and 1930, captaining one in South Africa in 1928. Other notables include the Australian Reg Bettington, R. L. Holdsworth and R. C. Robertson-Glasgow. See Image.