[Oxford University Cricket Club, 1922.] Autographs of the eleven, including future England Captain Greville Stevens, the Australian R. H. Bettington, R. C. Robertson-Glasgow and R. L. Holdsworth.

Greville Stevens [Greville Thomas Scott Stevens; G. T. S. Stevens] (1901-1970), Oxford University Cricket Club, 1922; England captain [R. H. Bettington; R. L. Holdsworth; R. C. Robertson-Glasgow]
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No date or place, but the same eleven that played at Oxford in May 1922.

On a 16.5 x 20 cm piece of faded and lightly-worn light-green paper, with small diagonal cuts at corners where the item was mounted in an album. The players’ names are neatly presented in a column (there is no other text on either side): ‘OUCC | Greville Stevens | R. L. H. Holdsworth | J. D. Percival | V. R. Price | R C Robertson Glasgow | P E Lawrie | M Patten | R H Bettington | T B Raikes | L. P. Hedges | R R P Barbour’. This is the same eleven which won a match at Oxford against the Free Foresters on 20 May 1922.

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