[Allan Cunningham, Scottish poet associated with the London Magazine, secretary to sculptor Sir Francis Chantrey.]

Allan Cunningham (1784-1842), Scottish poet and author associated with the London Magazine, superintendant and secretary to the sculptor Sir Francis Chantrey (1781-1841)
Allan Cunningham
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19 December 1835; 30 Belgrave Place [London].
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See his entry and Chantrey's in the Oxford DNB. On one side of a trimmed-down piece of paper, roughly 11 cm square. Discoloured, and with damage to the corners (affecting one word at top right) from removal from mount. With postage folds, and evidence on otherwise-blank reverse that Cunningham was re-using an envelope: part of address in another hand to 'Mrs Pa[...]'. Reads: 'Mr. Allan Cunninghams respects to Mr. Tindal and begs to inform him that Sir Francis Chantrey is at Holkham at present and will not likely be back till after Christmas: should he come sooner Mr A. C. will acquaint Mr Tindal and arrange a meeting / 30 Belgrave Place / 19 Decr. 1835.' See Image.