[Alfred Perceval Graves, Anglo-Irish poet, father of Robert Graves.] Autograph Letter Signed to Tom Taylor, with news of parliament, an Irish humorous story, a 'treble anagram' and in hopes of meeting with Shirley Brooks, editor of Punch.

Alfred Perceval Graves (1846-1931), Anglo-Irish poet, songwriter and folklorist, father of poet and critic Robert Graves [Tom Taylor (1817-1880), playwright, editor of Punch; Shirley Brooks]
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10 July [1872?]. Home Office, Whitehall. On letterhead of the Secretary of State, Home Department.
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See his entry, those of his sons Philip and Robert, and that of Taylor, in the Oxford DNB. 4pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on discoloured and lightly-worn paper. Addressed to ‘My Dear Mr Taylor’ and signed ‘Alfred P. Graves’. He begins by enquiring after the state of the recipient’s health, before giving details of when Parliament ‘will probably be up’: ‘Otherwise I have no political news to interest you. But here is a really funny Irish story which will I am sure be more welcome.’ A story about ‘Jarvie’ and an ‘Old Prude’ follows, with several deletions, under the heading ‘A Fact.’ (‘O Driver. How can such a disgrace be allowed as for people to bath in full sight of the high road.’) He has also got ‘a surprising treble anagram’ of ‘Livingstone’ for him, which he ‘would like to see in Punch’. Postscript concerns a possible introduction to editor of Punch Shirley Brooks. From Taylor's papers. Note: In 1869, he entered the Civil Service as clerk in the British Home Office, where he remained until he became an Inspector of Schools in 1874. [Wikipedia]