Printed notice, signed 'AMBROSE MOORE' regarding 'Children in Silk Mills', together with covering manuscript letter, signed 'Grout & Co.', and envelope, addressed to William Wilshere, M.P.

The Victorian Silk Trade [Child Labour, Factories' Act].
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The notice: 'LONDON, Milk Street, | 8th March, 1844.'; the letter: 'Silk Mills | Gt.. Yarmouth | 9th.. March 1844'.
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Wilshere (1804-67) was M.P. for Great Yarmouth William, MP for Great Yarmouth between 1837 and 1846). The notice: 2 pages, 4to. In very good condition despite minor spotting and two closed tears caused by folding. The letter: 1 page, 8vo. In very good condition. The envelope (addressed to 'W. Wilshere Esqr. M. P. | 12 Stratton Street | Piccadilly | London') in very good condition with red wax lion seal and postmarks. Postage stamps removed. The letter urges Wilshere to 'support the view of the Case of of [sic] the Silk trade taken by the writer Mr Ambrose Moore'. It concludes 'We believe the merits of the Factories Bill will be discussed in the House of Commons on Monday next'. In his notice Moore describes himself as 'Chairman of the Committee of British Silk Throwsters and Mill Owners'. He gives four grounds for 'excluding the Silk Throwing Trade from the Factories' Bill' and urges the 'necessity of exempting Children employed in Silk Mills from the regulations applied to those employed in several other manufactures', the first reason being 'That the health of Children in Silk Mills is not impaired by their employment, which is of a light character'. As an alternative Moore proposes, '[w]ith the general concurrence of the Silk Throwsters, that 'no Child under Thirteen shall be allowed to work more than Ten hours daily in a Silk Mill', and that '[n]o child shall be allowed to commence working in a Silk Mill under Nine years of age, nor without a certificate of ability to read, &c.'