[ The Spanish textiles industry. ] Manufacturer's sample book, containing in excess of 2000 examples of clothing labels

[ Spanish clothing labels; textiles; fashion industry of Spain ]
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Spanish. Undated (1920's onwards?). Containing loosely inserted material dating from 1949 and 1962.

The collection consists of more than 2000 labels, laid down on 117pp of a substantial, heavy and thumb-indexed folio volume (38 X 27 X 7 cm), bound in brown cloth. The collection is in good condition, with the inevitable signs of age, in heavily aged and worn binding. Loosely inserted are seven pieces of card and one of paper, carrying around 50 more examples, and three more pieces of paper with sixteen examples of woven coloured ribbon, as well as three enlarged folded grid designs for the weaving of labels.

[ London linen trade in early-Victorian period. ] Autograph Letter in the third person from 'Miss A Dealtry' to Messrs Wilson of New Bond Street, linen drapers, placing an order and including a swatch of fabric.

John Wilson of New Bond Street, London linen draper [ Anne Dealtry (d.1865) and Frances Dealtry [ 'the Misses Dealtry' ] of Bolnore, Cuckfield ]
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Bedford Square [ London ]. 29 November [ 1838 ].

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium, addressed, with postmarks, on reverse of second leaf, to 'Messrs. Wilson | Linen Drapers | New Bond Street', and also docketed '1838 | Dealtry Miss A'. In frail condition, with the two leaves separated and closed tears and wear. Sewn with white thread onto the second leaf of the letter is a swatch of cloth - dark blue with white and red stripes - in a loop of circa 20 x 1.5 cm. The text reads: 'Miss A Dealtry wishes Mr.

Coloured drawing by F. Afchain-Vanpoulle of Liège of a design for the processional banner of the Jupille section of the feminist wing of the Belgian Labour Party ('P.O.B. Action Feminine Section de Jupille'), with pencil annotations.

F. Afchain-Vanpoulle, 106, rue Cathédrale, Liège [Action Feminine (founded 1921), Parti Ouvrier Belge; Belgian Labour Party; feminism; women's rights]
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Undated [1920s]. Stamp of 'F. Afchain-Vanpoulle, 106, rue Cathédrale, Liège'.

On one side of piece of thick wove paper, 36 x 28 cm. The design is clearly and neatly drawn, coloured in orange, gold, red, blue, brown, black, grey and pink. The banner, casting a grey shadow, is shown tied by ribbon with black, yellow and red stripes onto a spearheaded flagpole, with carved horizontal branch. The banner has a bright red ground, and is of irregular rectangular shape (curved outer lower corner), with gold tassels along the lower edge.

Autograph Letter Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

Lieutenant J. Longshaw, of His Majesty's Brig Tyrian [Ireland; Irish; textile; textiles; weaving]
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Tyrian July 3d. 1813 Spithead.'

8vo: 1 p. Sixteen lines of text. The Tyrian arrived in Spithead the previous night 'with a Convoy', and the postal delay prevented him 'from fulfilling Mrs. P's Commission'. They 'remained three days in Ireland' and 'had a good passage there and Back': 'but as we may frequently have the trip, I shall keep it in Memory, I have bought over Two pieces. Enclosed are Patterns of Eight Yards each We call them Poplins, but these are Manufactured only at Dublin and by the Natives called '. States what he paid and sends respects. Docketed on reverse in a contemporary hand.

Printed notice, signed 'AMBROSE MOORE' regarding 'Children in Silk Mills', together with covering manuscript letter, signed 'Grout & Co.', and envelope, addressed to William Wilshere, M.P.

The Victorian Silk Trade [Child Labour, Factories' Act].
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The notice: 'LONDON, Milk Street, | 8th March, 1844.'; the letter: 'Silk Mills | Gt.. Yarmouth | 9th.. March 1844'.

Wilshere (1804-67) was M.P. for Great Yarmouth William, MP for Great Yarmouth between 1837 and 1846). The notice: 2 pages, 4to. In very good condition despite minor spotting and two closed tears caused by folding. The letter: 1 page, 8vo. In very good condition. The envelope (addressed to 'W. Wilshere Esqr. M. P. | 12 Stratton Street | Piccadilly | London') in very good condition with red wax lion seal and postmarks. Postage stamps removed. The letter urges Wilshere to 'support the view of the Case of of [sic] the Silk trade taken by the writer Mr Ambrose Moore'.

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