[Maurice Thorez, leader of the French Communist Party.] Typed Letter Signed (‘Thorez’), in French, to Roy Hopkins of the Foreign Press Association, London, agreeing to an interview but asking to see the questions in advance.

Maurice Thorez (1900-1964), leader of the French Communist Party (Parti Communiste, Section Française de l’Internationale Communiste’)
Publication details: 
15 October 1936; Paris, on letterhead of the ‘Parti Communiste / Section Française de l’Internationale Communiste’.

1p, 4to. On somewhat worn and aged paper, cropped at head, and with traces of tape from mount to inner edge. Folded three times. Bold signature: ‘Thorez’. Having been informed of Hopkins’ request by the ‘secrétariat de notre Parti’, he will be very willing to grant him an interview, but asks if he can see the text of the questions in advance.

Coloured drawing by F. Afchain-Vanpoulle of Liège of a design for the processional banner of the Jupille section of the feminist wing of the Belgian Labour Party ('P.O.B. Action Feminine Section de Jupille'), with pencil annotations.

F. Afchain-Vanpoulle, 106, rue Cathédrale, Liège [Action Feminine (founded 1921), Parti Ouvrier Belge; Belgian Labour Party; feminism; women's rights]
Publication details: 
Undated [1920s]. Stamp of 'F. Afchain-Vanpoulle, 106, rue Cathédrale, Liège'.

On one side of piece of thick wove paper, 36 x 28 cm. The design is clearly and neatly drawn, coloured in orange, gold, red, blue, brown, black, grey and pink. The banner, casting a grey shadow, is shown tied by ribbon with black, yellow and red stripes onto a spearheaded flagpole, with carved horizontal branch. The banner has a bright red ground, and is of irregular rectangular shape (curved outer lower corner), with gold tassels along the lower edge.

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