[Maurice Thorez, leader of the French Communist Party.] Typed Letter Signed (‘Thorez’), in French, to Roy Hopkins of the Foreign Press Association, London, agreeing to an interview but asking to see the questions in advance.

Maurice Thorez (1900-1964), leader of the French Communist Party (Parti Communiste, Section Française de l’Internationale Communiste’)
Publication details: 
15 October 1936; Paris, on letterhead of the ‘Parti Communiste / Section Française de l’Internationale Communiste’.

1p, 4to. On somewhat worn and aged paper, cropped at head, and with traces of tape from mount to inner edge. Folded three times. Bold signature: ‘Thorez’. Having been informed of Hopkins’ request by the ‘secrétariat de notre Parti’, he will be very willing to grant him an interview, but asks if he can see the text of the questions in advance.

[Belgian resistance documents.] Typed document titled 'ARMEE SECRETE | C?G?48 bis | Historique de la Section 802 depuis ses debuts'. With typewritten list regarding feeding and lodging of 'refractaires' and manuscript table of agents headed 'Combat'.

[The Belgian resistance movement, Maquis; Froidmont, Tournai, Belgium; World War Two]
Publication details: 
The 'Historique' document dated 'Froidmont, le 25 septembre 1944' [Tournai, Belgium]; the other two items without place or date.

A scarce survival, providing a mass of valuable information, written during wartime, with nothing else about this section of the Belgian resistance having been discovered. All three documents in fair condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper. ONE: 'Historique de la Section 802 depuis ses debuts.' Typed document. 3pp., 4to. Rust staining from paperclip at head of first page. Type indentation indicates that this is an original document, not a mimeograph. Giving an account of Section 802 from September 1941 to 9 September 1944.

[ Tunisia Campaign, Second World War. ] Set of twenty-two printed coloured fold-out GSGS British Army maps of Tunisia, with index. With covering Autograph Note Signed from Vincent Jones to military historian Barrie Pitt.

Captain Vincent Duncan Jones, 6th Armoured Division, British Army [ Tunisia Campaign [ Battle of Tunisia; Run for Tunis ] 1942-1943, in the Second World War North Africa Campaign ] [ Barrie Pitt ]
Publication details: 
GSGS [ Geographical Section, General Staff ]. Without date or place. [ Circa 1940 and 1941. ]

Twenty-one of the twenty-two maps are stapled into a buff card folder, bearing on the cover, in manuscript: Maj. V. S. Duncan-Jones. | Tunisia | 1/200,000'. The twenty-second map loosely inserted, as is Jones's autograph letter to Pitt. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. The bound maps, all of which are in colour and all around 50 x 33 cm., are numbered in pencil 1 to 23, with 16 and 20 lacking.

[First issue of radio magazine.] T. & R. Bulletin. Published by the Transmitter and Relay Section of the Radio Society of Great Britain. ['Dedicated to the Interests of the Transmitting Amateur.']

[The Transmitter and Relay Section of the Radio Society of Great Britain, 53 Victoria Street, SW1, London]
Publication details: 
The Radio Society of Great Britain, 53 Victoria Street, SW1 [London]. 'For "T. & R." Members Only.' No. 1. July 1925.

12pp., 4to. In original printed wraps. In fair condition, on aged paper, in aged wraps with chipping to extremities and spine reinforced with tape. Articles include 'The Tetrodyne' by H. Andrews, 'Circuit for Reception on 20 Metres Band' by E. J. Simmonds, 'Key Crashes', 'G2W.J.', 'Experimental Work With Mosul'. The T. & R. Bulletin ran from 1925 to 1942. COPAC lists copies at Imperial College, Oxford, Cambridge and the British Library. From the papers of telecommunications expert Pat Hawker [John Patrick Hawker] (1923-2012).

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