Two Autograph Letters Signed and four Typed Letters Signed, two to W. Perry, three to the Secretary and one to the Vice President of the Royal Society of Arts.

Honourable Josiah Wedgwood
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First three (all typed): 14 November, 16 and 18 December 1935, all on Wedgwood letterhead; fourth and fifth (both autograph), 13 and 18 February 1936, on letterhead 'STOKE GRANGE.STONE.STAFFS'; the sixth (typed), 1 May 1836, on Wedgwood letterhead.
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Managing Director of the famous pottery business ('saviour of the firm') and the fifth in the family to bear the name (1899-1968), Member of Parliament. All six items in good condition, though grubby, and with the first three bearing pin holes in one corner (not affecting text), the hole in the first letter being decidedly marked. All but one item docketed and stamped. Letters one, two, three and six are one page, quarto; letter four, two pages, 12mo; letter five, one page, 12mo; letter six, one page, quarto. All but the third item, which is signed 'Wedgwood', are signed 'Josiah Wedgwood'. LETTER ONE (to J. A. Milne, Vice President): he has heard through a mutual friend, Keith Murray, that Murray had passed on Wedgwood's suggestion that 'Dr. John Thomas might give a useful lecture to the R.S.A. on the economic history of the Pottery industry'. Describes Thomas's background and recommends him in strong terms ('he has a very thorough grasp of his subject and has ferreted out a lot of entirely new information about the potting industry in the days of old Josiah Wedgwood'). LETTER TWO. He is passing on the R.S.A. Secretary's letter to Thomas. 'I feel much honoured by being asked to take the chair on this occasion, and will gladly do so.' Asks how 'these meetings are usually conducted, so that the chairman shall not slip up on points of procedure!' ITEM THREE: note to secretary in which he confirms that he has passed on the change of date to Dr. Thomas. LETTER FOUR (to 'Dear Mr Perry'): He is sorry not to have seen him before leaving the night before. 'Thanks are indeed due to you for your courtesy and for the admirable arrangements which you made for our meeting. I have never seen samples and slides better shown in a lecture hall -'. LETTER FIVE (to the Secretary): Asks him to send '36 copies of the RSA journal containing these proceedings to me at Etruria. Stoke-on-Trent, & debit me with the cost thereof.' Items four and five are docketed 'WEDGWOOD' in red pencil. LETTER SIX (to W. Perry): 'I have heard with some concern from our London Manager, that a number of the important members of the Royal Society of Arts who should have received invitations to the opening of our Exhibition at the Grafton Galleries, do not appear to have received them.' Gives the names of three individuals to whom invitations should be sent and describes other measures he is taking. The lot,