[ Sir Denis Dutry, Huguenot merchant and East India Company Director. ] Autograph Signature ('Denis Dutry') on Exchequer receipt, as assignee of Sir John Lethieuller.

Sir Denis Dutry [ Sir Dennis Dutry ], London Huguenot merchant, Director of the Honourable East India Company [ Sir John Lethieuller (1632/3-1719) ]
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[ His Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, London. ] 22 November 1720.

1p., 8vo. On aged and worn paper. Laid out in the customary fashion, with printed text completed in manuscript. Records a payment of £56 on an annuity by 'Sr. Denis Dutry assigne per Margent of Sr. John Lethieuller', with a reference to Lethieuller's annuity in the margin. Witnessed at foot by 'John '. Lethieuller has an entry in the Oxford DNB.?>

[Printed itemised accounts.] General Statement of the Income and Receipts and Expenditure of The Honourable the Irish Society For the Year 1900.

The Honourable The Irish Society, set up by Royal Charter in 1613 under City of London livery companies to colonise County Londonderry during the plantation of Ulster [C. F. Elles, Accountant]
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Signed in type by C. F. Elles, Chartered Accountant, 3 Bucklersbury, E.C. [London] 17 April 1901.

6pp., foolscap 8vo. On two bifoliums, placed loosely one inside the other. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper.

Two signed receipts to the Honourable Coast Committee of Northumberland: the first for printing and paper from John Catnach ('Jno. Catnach') of Alnwick, and the second on John's behalf by his wife Mary ('Mary Catnach'), for stationery.

John Catnach (1769-1813), Alnwick and Newcastle printer, his wife Mary Catnach (née Hutchinson), parents of the London broadsheet publisher James Catnach (1792-1841) [Thomas Bewick; Northumberland]
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John Catnach's bill/receipt, 12 April/29 June 1795. Mary Catnach's bill and receipt, 10 March 1795.

Both items in good condition on lightly-aged paper. Both 1 p, on 12mo landscape slips. John Catnach's bill and receipt: 'The Honb. Coast Comit. | April 12 1795. | To J. Catnach | Printing 200 Signal for the Coast 7s .. 0 | 5 qrs. Best Wove foolscap for Do. 1s..2d Per qr 5 .. 10 | £0 .. 12 .. 10 | Recd the above from Thos. Adams Esqr. | [signed] Jno. Catnach | June 29th. 1796.' Docketed on reverse with calculation. Mary Catnach's bill and receipt: 'The Honble Coast Committee | 1795 To J Catnach Dr. | March 10th. 3 Quarto Copy Books at 1/6 - 0 . 4 . 6 | Same time recd. Paymt of Jas.

Original watercolour illustration, with measurements, captioned 'Drill Motions', and docketed 'Drill Motions at Bunhill Fields'.

[the Honourable Artillery Company; Bunhill Fields; the City of London; military drill manual; the British Army]
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Anonymous and undated. [Circa 1810?]

On one side of a piece of wove paper roughly 28.5 x 24 cm. On aged, somewhat grubby paper, with 6 cm closed tear repaired with tape on reverse. Full-length diagrammatic depiction of a British army officer in uniform of the Napoleonic period (black boots with spurs, tight white breeches, green jacket with yellow trim and black hat with red plume), holding his sword horizontally in front of his face. A set of thirteen numbered angles are projected from the tip of the blade, some bracketed 'all these are strait in Front'. Others are described as 'flat'.

Two Autograph Letters Signed and four Typed Letters Signed, two to W. Perry, three to the Secretary and one to the Vice President of the Royal Society of Arts.

Honourable Josiah Wedgwood
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First three (all typed): 14 November, 16 and 18 December 1935, all on Wedgwood letterhead; fourth and fifth (both autograph), 13 and 18 February 1936, on letterhead 'STOKE GRANGE.STONE.STAFFS'; the sixth (typed), 1 May 1836, on Wedgwood letterhead.

Managing Director of the famous pottery business ('saviour of the firm') and the fifth in the family to bear the name (1899-1968), Member of Parliament. All six items in good condition, though grubby, and with the first three bearing pin holes in one corner (not affecting text), the hole in the first letter being decidedly marked. All but one item docketed and stamped. Letters one, two, three and six are one page, quarto; letter four, two pages, 12mo; letter five, one page, 12mo; letter six, one page, quarto. All but the third item, which is signed 'Wedgwood', are signed 'Josiah Wedgwood'.

Autograph Note Signed to unnamed male correspondent, and Autograph Note in third person to Admiral Bowles.

The Right Hon. Thomas Grenville
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Without date or place.

Diplomat (1755-1846) and bibliophile, one of the British Museum's greatest benefactors. Grenville's book collection, formerly in the Museum at Bloomsbury, is now kept with George III's books in a glass tower in the new British Library at Euston. Both items in very good condition, glued to the remains of a brown-paper mount. In a somewhat shaky version of Grenville's distinctive neat hand, so perhaps late productions. The note reads 'My Dear Sir | I am very sorry that, hearing of Lady Cawdor's illness I had promised Mr Gaskell to dine with him if I did not dine with Lady C.

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