[Headed "The Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society] Four Typed Letters Signed, to Sir Henry Trueman Wood (2), S. Digby (1) and G. K. Menzies (1), of the Royal Society of Arts.

Sir John H. Harris [SLAVERY]
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3 and 6 March 1917, and 31 January and 25 March 1918; all four on letterhead of the Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society.
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Campaigner against slavery and colonial exploitation in Africa (1874-1940) and Liberal MP for North Hackney, 1923-24. All four items one page, quarto. All in good condition, though on somewhat discoloured paper. Two items docketed in pencil and two bearing the Society's stamp. ITEM ONE: He hopes to be present at Dr. Max Horn's lecture, and wants to know whether the Society is 'publishing the lecture by Mr. Wilson Fox on Imperial Resources'. He thinks he should join the Society, 'if not now soon after the war', and asks to be sent the conditions of membership. ITEM TWO: Acknowledges receipt of the Society's journal containing Fox's paper and copy of the Society's prospectus. ITEM THREE: He is disappointed as he 'particularly wished to be present' at the lecture, but will not be able to get back from Winchester in time. Asks for copy of paper. ITEM FOUR: 'I enclose herewith corrected proof of the few remarks I made at the meeting of the Society of Arts.' (not present) All four items signed 'John H Harris'.