[Slavery in Wilcox County, Alabama; LIst ] Manuscript 'Account of Sales of the Estate of Wm. Fisher dec[ease]d.' by Green A. Fisher

Slavery in Wilcox County, Alabama; Estate of William Fisher (died 1835); Green A. Fisher
Publication details: 
The State of Alabama, Wilcox County. 21 December 1835.

4pp., foolscap 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. Headed with the date of the sale 'December 4th 1835'. At end: 'The State of Alabama | Wilcox County | Came into open Court Green A. Fisher one of the Executors of the last will & testament of William Fisher decd. who being duly sworn deposeth & saith that the forgoing is a correct account of the sales of said decedents Estate so far as the same have come to his hands | Sworn to & Subscribed in Open Court this 21st Decr. 1835'. Received, with illegible signature, on same date.

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