[Dr John M. Crawford, Charles Dury, Professor Herbert S. Osborn, American entomologists.] Thirteen Autograph Cards Signed (ten from Dury, two from Crawford and one from Osborn) to the Coleoptera expert Charles G. Siewers of Newport, Kentucky.

Charles Dury of Cincinnati; John Martin Crawford of the Chickering Institute, Ohio; Professor Herbert S. Osborn [Charles G. Siewers of Newport, Kentucky; American entomologists; natural history]
Publication details: 
All sent from Cincinnati, Ohio. Six of the thirteen dated between 1880 and 1882 (the year of Siewers's death). The others undated.

The thirteen cards are all 13 x 7.5cm. All with 'POSTAL CARD' printed on front, and all with Cincinnati postmarks, nine also carrying Newport postmarks. All thirteen addressed to Siewers at Newport. For information on Charles Dury (1847-1901) see his obituary by Annette F. Braun in the Ohio Journal of Science, November 1931, pp.512-514. Braun stresses Dury's wide correspondence, and association with individuals including Alfred Russell Wallace, E. D. Cope, Spencer F. Baird, George Horn, John L. LeConte, Robert Ridgway, Elliott Coues, and his 'companion of many field trips' Professor J. S.

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