[‘The English Mayakovsky’: Adrian Mitchell, radical poet.] Typed Letter Signed to [Paul] Furness, describing his youthful experiences in pubs, ‘with the Merseylads’ (‘Liverpool poets’), in London and Oxford, with Jeff Nuttall, David Mercer and others

Adrian Mitchell (1932-2008), radical poet who made his name in the nineteen-sixties, described by Kenneth Tynan as ‘the British Mayakovsky’
Publication details: 
‘13 South Hill Park, London NW 3 March 31st 83’.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, foolscap 8vo. Forty-three lines. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded for postage. Signed in red ink ‘Adrian Mitchell’, and with red ink underlining and one manuscript addition. Addressed to ‘Mr Furness’ (One of a number of letters from British poets in response to enquiries from Paul Furness with regard to their pub memories.) Begins: ‘Pub I think of with the Merseylads is the Phil.

[‘100% Socialist but disrespectful to Marx’: Sir Richard Acland, Labour politician and a founder of CND.] Typed Letter Signed to Philip Dosse, publisher of ‘Books and Bookmen’, describing his self-published book ‘The Next Step’.

Sir Richard Acland [Sir Richard Thomas Dyke Acland, 15th Baronet] (1906-1990), Common Wealth Party and Labour politician, a founder of CND [Philip Dosse (1925-1980), publisher ‘Books and Bookmen’]
Publication details: 
8 February 1974; Sprydon, Broadclyst, Exeter.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. The recipient Philip Dosse was proprietor of Hansom Books, publisher of a stable of seven arts magazines including Books and Bookmen and Plays and Players. See ‘Death of a Bookman’ by the novelist Sally Emerson (editor of ‘Books and Bookmen’ at the time of Dosse’s suicide), in Standpoint magazine, October 2018. This item is 2pp, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged and worn, with the two leaves attached by a slightly rusty staple. Folded twice for postage. Large sprawling signature ‘Richard Acland’ above typed name ‘Sir Richard Acland’.

[Mimeographed pamphlet.] No Right to a Hearing. The Deportation Proceedings Against Bert Bensen. By Bert Bensen.

Bert Bensen, American psychology lecturer and supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Publication details: 
'Published by: Friends of Bert Bensen, Top Flat, 127, King Henry's Road, London NW3'. February 1965.

16pp., 4to, with additional yellow cover leaf carrying title, with 'Introduction' on reverse. In good condition, on aged and worn paper, with slight damage to the fore-edge of the cover leaf. Neat ownership inscription of John H. Shaw. According to the introduction 'Bert Bensen's account of his attempts to stay in Britain - and of the determination of two successive Home Secretaries that he shall not - reads like something out of Kafka. The Sense of unreality that permeates the Bensen affair should not be allowed to hide the serious questions it raises. Why was Mr.

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