[ A Grand Regency Town House: Two Architectural Plans of 43 Berkeley Square. ] Two finished manuscript floor plans by Joseph Hobbs of the town house of Sir John Harington, 'In its present state' and 'with proposed Alterations'. With three receipts.

[ Sir John Edward Harington of Ridlington, 8th Baronet (1760-1831); Joseph Hobbs, planmaker; Berkeley Square, London ]
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Both plans by 'Joseph Hobbs | 30 Margaret Street' [ Cavendish Square, London ] Both dated 'June 1815'.

Each of the two plans is on a 46 x 60 cm piece of wove paper. Both have the name of the details of the planmaker at bottom right: 'Joseph Hobbs | 30 Margaret Street'. Two finished and professional floor plans of a grand Town House. Both items are aged, worn and creased, with closed tears, but would respond well to archival repair. ONE: 'Sir John Harington Bart | Plan of House Berkley [sic] Square | In its present state | June 1815'. In black and white, with grey shading. Five plans in a line: 'Basement', 'Parlor Floor', 'Drawing Room', 'Two Pair Floor' and 'Attic Floor'.

Two sets of printed 'Plans of the New Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, Broad Street, London, W.C.2.' by Adams, Holden & Pearson.

[Charles Henry Holden (1875-1960), English architect; Adams, Holden & Pearson, London architects; The Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, Broad Street, London, WC2.]
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Without date or place. [London, c.1926.]

The two plans are both in good condition, on lightly-aged paper: each printed in black ink on one side only of a piece of white paper, and both folded twice. The first is landscape, 28 x 40.5cm, and carries the 'FIRST FLOOR PLAN' on the left, and 'GROUND FLOOR PLAN' on the right. The second is portrait, 40.5 x 29.5cm. It has two 'TYPICAL WARD PLANS' (third and fourth floors) above two 'SECTIONS A.B. & C.D. OF ELEVATIONS'. The Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital was established on High Holborn in 1816.

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