[‘I like to call her, simply, “Greta Garbo”.’] Carbon Typescript of spoof article ‘GRETA GARBO - a Personal Memoir’ by Anthony Haden-Guest, with TLS from John Anstey, editor of Daily Telegraph Magazine, expressing ‘misgivings about it’.

[Greta Garbo, Hollywood icon] Anthony Haden-Guest (b.1937), American journalist; John Anstey, editor of the Daily Telegraph Magazine, London]
Publication details: 
Anstey's TLS on his Daily Telegraph Magazine letterhead, and dated 20 March 1970. Hayden-Guest's article evidently written shortly before that date.

A curious artefact, indicating Garbo’s iconic status, and an early example of a journalistic trend which has gained ground since the late 1960s. Hayden-Guest, still active as a writer, is the son of the diplomat Peter Haden-Guest, 4th Baron Haden-Guest, and brother of the 5th Baron, Christopher, who is won fame as ‘Nigel’ in the film ‘Spinal Tap’.

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