[Sir Norton Knatchbull, parliamentarian and biblical scholar.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Norton Knatchbull') [to Sir Anthony St Leger?], repeating financial undertakings made regarding 'a covenant for securing of the land from Sr William Parkhurst'.

Sir Norton Knatchbull (1602-1685) of Mersham Hatch, Kent, parliamentarian, Hebraist and biblical scholar [Sir William Parkhurst (d.1667), Warden of the Royal Mint; Sir Anthony St Leger (c.1605-1680)]
Publication details: 
'Munday night | Dec. 12. 1659'.

This item appears to relate to the efforts of Sir William Parkhurst to raise money in order to pay fines and other demands made on him as a royalist by the Commonwealth. Parkhurst had served as Warden of the Royal Mint from 1623 until its seizure by Parliament in 1642, being deprived of his post the following year. By the time of the present letter his circumstances become so straitened that he was obliged to sell his family’s Kent estates, to which he had retired after the fall of Oxford in 1646.

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