Florence Jaffray Harriman's Visitors' Book: High Society and Progressive Politics in New York and Washington, 1915-1936

Florence Jaffray "Daisy" Harriman (1870–1967), American socialite, suffragist, social reformer, organizer, and diplomat
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The present item - Daisy Harriman's Visitors' Book - is a significant artefact. Harriman was an important social activist and one of New York's leading socialites (at age 86, as Life Magazine reported, she still continued to host regular Sunday dinners for around twenty guests).

[ Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968. ] Duplicated typed document issued by 'Kilburn VSC', titled 'Czechoslovakia - A Marxist Analysis'.

Kilburn Vietnam Solidarity Campaign [ VSC ] [ Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968; Aubrey Walter? ]
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At foot: 'published by Kilburn VSC, 329a West End Lane, London NW6' [ 1968 ].

1p., folio. Printed in red. Sixty lines of text. In fair conditon, lightly aged and worn. The first paragraph reads: 'The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia has provoked the expected emotional outburst from the reformist Left, tailing as usual behind the hypocritical phrases of the British ruling class, who weep over "poor Czechoslovakia" while actively supporting the 100-times-worse suffering inflicted by the US on the Vietnamese.

[ Cuba; slaves; Gulf of Guinea ] Secretarial Letter Signed "Augusto Ulloa" of the Ministerio de la Guerra y de Ultramar to the "Gubernator Capitan General de la Isla de Cuba" (Francisco Serrano with a signed note in his hand).

Augusto Ulloa, Ministerio de la Guerra y de Ultramar [presumably Augusto Ulloa y Castañón (1823–1879), Spanish lawyer, politician and journalist )
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[Printed heading] Ministerio de la Guerra etc., Madrid, 7 March 1860.

In Spanish. Two pages used of four, cr. 8vo, bifolium, writing seeped through but text still legible. Ulloa's secretary has written on the right half of the two pages, Serrano a note of 13ll on the left on p.1. Apparently Ulloa is suggesting that freed Slaves ("emancipados") should be used to populate (colonise) Spanish Colonies in the Gulf of Guinea.

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