Florence Jaffray Harriman's Visitors' Book: High Society and Progressive Politics in New York and Washington, 1915-1936

Florence Jaffray "Daisy" Harriman (1870–1967), American socialite, suffragist, social reformer, organizer, and diplomat
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The present item - Daisy Harriman's Visitors' Book - is a significant artefact. Harriman was an important social activist and one of New York's leading socialites (at age 86, as Life Magazine reported, she still continued to host regular Sunday dinners for around twenty guests).

Autograph letter signed to [L. E.] Berman,

Herbert Norris
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10 December 1939, with letterhead Godbegot, Thame, Oxon.

Costume architect and archaeologist (died 1950). He was delighted to hear from him again, and is glad that his mother is still with him. "I may be free from my refugee after Christmas: then my one spare room would be free. You might be disposed to come down for a night [...] May the bold venture be a gigantic success".

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