[ Robert Stephenson, railway engineer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Rob Stephenson') to '- Moberley Esq', regarding the purchase of a 'Machine'.

Robert Stephenson (1803-1859), pioneering railway engineer, constructor of 'Stephenson's Rocket'.
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 24 Great George Street, Westminster [ London ]. 1 June 1852.

2pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In good condition, with the text of the letter on the first leaf, and the second laid down on a leaf removed from an album. Stephenson's letter in good condition, on lightly aged paper. He writes that he is sending the recipient the reply he has received from 'Mr Harrison'. He feels that it would be better for Moberley to 'purchase the old Machine of the Contractors Messrs Rush & Lawton'. He does not know their address, but if they send him 'any drawing, it will be forwarded'. Rush and Lawton were Newcastle railway contractors. The recipient is probably W. H.

[ Charlotte Yonge, novelist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('C M Yonge') to a 'Mr Moberley', regarding a catalogue (of farming machinery?) he has sent her.

Charlotte Yonge [ Charlotte Mary Yonge ] (1823-1902), Victorian novelist
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester. 17 June [ no year ].

1p., 12mo. On grey paper with mourning border. In fair condition, lightly aged and ruckled. She is 'much obliged for the Catalogue', and hopes 'to make good use of it, when I have had a consultation with my brother and a neighbour or two who may like to combine in a parcel'.

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