[Wilfrid Pippet, member of noted Solihull family of ecclesiastical artists and designers.] Eleven signed original illustrations for Thomas Wright of Olney’s ‘Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire Ballads’ (including 'The Three Men of Yardley Chase').

Wilfrid Pippet (1873?-1946?), illustrator and designer, member of Solihull family that worked with Gothic Revival firm Hardman & Co. [Thomas Wright (1859-1936) of Olney]
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Three editions, Olney, [1924? and] 1925.

The Pippets of Solihull were a Roman Catholic family that worked closely on ecclesiastical designs with the Gothic Revival firm Hardman & Co (whose archives are held by the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery). Wilfrid also collaborated with J. B. Trinick on the striking illustrations to A. E. Waite’s rosicrucian ‘Album of the Great Symbols of the Paths’ (1917-21; copy in the British Museum Department of Prints and Drawings). Eleven attractive illustrations in black ink (over pencil draft).

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