[James Spedding, author and editor of Sir Francis Bacon.] Two long Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Jas Spedding') to the historian Charles Merivale, regarding 'the complaints of the buyer and reader against the publisher and bookseller'.

James Spedding (1808-1881), literary editor and biographer, noted for his edition of Sir Francis Bacon [Charles Merivale (1808-1893), historian, Dean of Ely]
Publication details: 
3 and 7 September 1866. Both from 60 Lincolns Inn Fields [London].

Both in good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip from mount adhering, and crease lines from folding. Two excellent long letters in Spedding's neat and close hand, full of content regarding the relationship between Victorian author, publisher and reader. The topic is Spedding's preparation for the publication of his pamphlet 'Publishers and Authors' (London: J. R. Smith, 1867). Both letters addressed to 'My dear Mervivale'. ONE: 3 September 1866. 4pp, 18mo. On a bifolium.

[ William Hepworth Thompson, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. H Thompson') to 'My dear Pollock' [ Sir Frederick Pollock ], on Samuel Laurence's portrait of James Spedding. With annotated photograph of the portrait.

William Hepworth Thompson, classical scholar and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge [ Samuel Laurence (1812-1884), English portrait painter; James Spedding (1808-1881), literary critic ]
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'T. C. L.' [ Trinity College Library, Cambridge. ] 30 May 1884. Photograph by Hills & Saunders of Cambridge.

Both letter and photograph in good condition, with light signs of age. LETTER: 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium, with mourning border. He is enclosing the photograph, which 'poor Laurence [...] executed in his decling years & promised to Trinity College. His daughter loyally carried out his wishes, & the portrait (life size) hangs in our LIbrary.' (Laurence had died earlier in the year, from the effects of an operation.) He is sending a second copy of the photograph (not present) for 'Professor Frederick, who has left record of his affection for our dear friend'.

[ James Spedding, editor of Sir Francis Bacon. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed to 'Mrs. Pollock' [ later Lady Juliet Pollock ], one listing the twenty-two 'greatest' English authors, the other concerning the 'Swedish nightingale' Jenny Lind.

James Spedding (1808-1881), editor of Sir Francis Bacon, literary critic and Cambridge Apostle [ Lady Juliet Pollock [ née Creed ] (1819-1899), wife of Sir William Frederick Pollock (1815-1888) ]
Publication details: 
Both letters from '60 L. I. F.' [ i.e. 60 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London ]. 3 June 1847 and 24 April 1854.

Learned and witty, Spedding was a popular figure within the literary scene of Victorian London. As he lay dying following an accident, Tennyson rushed to the hospital and begged admission to his bedside. When approached by Delia Bacon, he dismissed the Baconian theory with contempt, and was the first to realise that the play 'Henry VIII' was a collaboration between Shakespeare and John Fletcher. Both of the present letters are signed 'Jas Spedding' and addressed to 'My dear Mrs. Pollock', and both in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, with minor traces of glue from mount.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Spedding Curwen') from Rev. Spedding Curwen of Frome, Dissenting Minister (father of John Curwen), entreating the congregationalist minister Rev. Dr Andrew Reed of Cambridge Heath, Hackney, to preach at Frome

Rev. Spedding Curwen (1790-1856) of Frome, Dissenting Minister, and father of John Curwen (1816-1880), printer and educator [Rev. Dr Andrew Reed (1787-1862), Congregationalist minister]
Publication details: 
Frome, Somerset. 13 June 1835.

2pp., 4to. 23 lines. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged paper, with the two pages of text on the two sides of the first leaf, and the address on the reverse of the second leaf, which has minor damage due to removal from mount, and carries two postmarks, and a broken red wax seal, with address by Curwen, to 'The Revd. Andrew Reed D.D.

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