[The man who ‘saved France and the freedom of the world’ by backing Marshal Foch: Lord Milner [Alfred Milner, Viscount Milner].] Autograph Letter Signed to ‘Joyce’ explaining why he must decline an invitation.

Lord Milner [Alfred Milner, Viscount Milner] (1854-1925), German-born British politician, South African colonial administrator, who ‘saved France and the freedom of the world' by backing Marshal Foch
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29 June 1910; 47 Duke Street, S.W. [London].

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. 2pp, 12mo. With mourning border. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. He apologises for an engagement that will keep him ‘out of Town’ on the date proposed. Reads: ‘My dear Joyce / I should so much have enjoyed coming to your party, & it was very kind of you & Olive to think of it / Yours affec[tion]ately / Milner’.

[Lord Milner [Alfred, Viscount Milner], Liberal politician.] Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr Ross' [the future Sir W. D. Ross], regarding the future of the philanthropic 'settlement' Toynbee Hall in Whitechapel.

Lord Milner [Alfred Milner (1854-1925), 1st Viscount Milner], Liberal politician, Governor of the Cape Colony and first Governor of the Transvaal [Sir W. D. Ross (1877-1971), Oxford Vice-Chancellor]
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14 October 1913. 47 Duke Street, S.W. [London]

See the entries for Milner and Ross in the Oxford DNB. 2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once for postage. Addressed to 'Dear Mr Ross' and with good bold signature 'Milner'. The subject of the letter is the philanthropic ‘settlement’ Toynbee Hall in Whitechapel, founded in 1884 by Canon Barnett and Henrietta (DBE), his wife.

[ Cameron Highlanders in the Boer War. ] Ten photographs of the regiment in the Transvaal, a portrait photograph of Scovell in dress uniform, and a photograph of the British dead at 'SPIONS [sic] KOP NATAL'.

Lieut-Col. G. J. S. Scovell [ George Julian Selwyn Scovell ] (1881-1948), Cameron Highlanders, deputy Director-General of Recruiting, 1918 [ Boer War; Transvaal; South Africa ]
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Natal (Dannhauser) and Transvaal [ South Africa ]. Circa 1901 and 1902.

Of the twelve items (all black and white), the ten small photographs are uniform at 7 x 9 cm; the portrait of Scovell is 21 x 13 cm., and the image of the Spion Kop battlefield 14.5 x 11 cm. Accompanied by a note by Scovell on a slip of paper: 'Relics of the S. African Campaign | 1901-1902 | belonging to G. J. S. S'. The ten small pictures and are in good condition, loose and in an envelope.

autograph letter signed to Major William Owen Lanyon, C.M.G. [later Sir William Owen Lanyon, Administrator of the Transvaal]

Earl of Carnarvon
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4pp, 8vo, 30 August 1875, no place, on mourning letterhead with blindstamped Carnarvon crest

Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon, British statesman who made Canada a confederation but failed to create a federation of South Africa; Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Interesting matter relating to South African affairs. He encloses (not present) a passage of Lanyon's from the Government Gazette.

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