Autograph Letter Signed from 'H. Taylor Collector', of the Inland Revenue, to the Supervisor, Wandsworth, regarding experiments and tests to ascertain 'whether Casks that have contained Spirits have or have not been grogged'.

[H. Taylor, Collector, Inland Revenue, 18 Newington Butts, London; Supervisor, Wandsworth; Grogging Spirit Casks]
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On government letterhead, with stamp of the Inland Revenue, 18 Newington Butts. 9 [corrected from 8] September 1892.
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2pp., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on faded blue paper, with slight chipping and repair with archival tape. Headed '8010/92 E.' The letter begins: 'Sir, | I am directed to inform you that experiments have recently been made for the purpose of testing whether casks that have contained spirits have or have not been grogged subsequently to being emptied, by rinsing them with small quantities of water or spirit and ascertaining the effect produced upon the rinsing.' He has been 'requested to communicate with Supervisors in whose District empty Spirit Casks are received from Warehouses under Bond: it being understood 1 that only in cases of absolute suspicion should any test be applied. 2 that where such suspicion exists the casks should be rinsed with spirit or water'. He gives the proportions of the mixture and other instructions. A concluding point reads '3 The result, giving full particulars should then be forwarded for the decision of the Board.'