[Richard Brinsley Sheridant of Frome Court, Dorset, Liberal MP and grandson of the playwright.] Extensive tax return ('Succession Duty in Real Property'), signed by 'R. B. Sheridan', detailing tenants and tax on the extensive Frampton Court estate.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1811-1888) of Frampton Court, Dorset, Liberal MPand grandson of the playwright [his wife Marcia Maria Grant Browne Sheridan (1815-1884)]
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Frampton Court, Dorset. 17 September 1885.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1811-1888) of Frampton Court was the eldest son of Thomas Sheridan (1775-1817) and his wife the novelist Caroline Henrietta Sheridan (1779-1851, born Caroline Henrietta Callander of Craigforth). He was the grandson of his namesake the celebrated playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. He was Liberal Member of Parliament for Shaftesbury, 1845-1852; and for Dorchester, 1852-1868. He also served as High Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Dorset. He married Marcia Maria Grant (1815-1884) in 1835, and they had three daughters and six sons.

[ Thames and Medway Canal Company, London. ] Five items: Autograph Letter Signed from chairman J. Moxon to Sir J. E. Harington, and four printed circulars, regarding 'commuting and clearing the whole incumbrance of debt on the undertaking'.

Thames and Medway Canal Company, London [ John Moxon, Chairman; Edmund Collier, Clerk; Sir John E. Harington of Ridlington ]
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[ Thames & Medway Canal Office, No. 35, Great Winchester Street, London. ] Moxon's letter from 69 Old Broad Street, 19 May 1831. Two circulars of 7 and 18 May 1831; third circular relating to a meeting on 3 May 1831; fourth circular, 30 July 1831.

The five items in good condition, lightly aged. ONE: ALS from 'J. Moxon' to Sir J. E. Harington. 2pp., 4to. On bifolium. Addressed, with three postmarks, on reverse of second leaf, to 'Sir John E. Harington Bart. | Berkeley Square'. Docketed on same page: 'Thames & Medway | Loans | to be kept by trustees. | refers to the Notes'. Thirty-eight lines, closely written.

[ Prince George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('George'), inviting Alfred Montgomery to a New Year's dinner party.

Prince George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge [ George William Frederick Charles ] (1819-1904), grandson of George III; cousin of Queen Victoria [ Alfred Montgomery (1814-96), Commissioner for Inland Revenue ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Gloucester House, Park Lane, W. [ London ] 30 December 1893.

1p. 12mo. On grubby and creased paper, with rust mark from paperclip. Reads: 'My dear Alfred Montgomery | Thank's [sic] for yours received this morning. I have a vacant place at my dinner table for Monday next New Years day, so I hope to see you here at 8 o'clock and personally to wish you every sort of blessing for the coming Year. I remain | Yours most sincerely, | George.'

[ Board of the Inland Revenue, Excise Department, London.] Late-Victorian Manuscript Notebook, compiled by several parties, with sections of questions and definitions, and others treating allowances, 'Liverpool Allowances' and 'Quarantine Practice'.

A. C. Collyer [ Board of the Inland Revenue, Excise Department, London ]
Publication details: 
[ Board of the Inland Revenue, Excise Department, London. Circa 1891. ]

169pp., 12mo. Covering the whole of a ruled notebook in black waxed cloth binding. In fair condition, aged and worn, in like binding with some damage to spine. Ownership signature of 'A. C. Collyer' on front free endpaper, with the word 'Notes' written under it, and beneath that a seal (hand holding a sword) in red wax. The notebook has been compiled by at least three different parties (with a couple of notes in shorthand), and is certainly the work of instructors rather than students, possibly Scottish.

[Sir Alexander Young Spearman (1793-1874), Assistant Secretary to the Treasury.] Secretarial Letter, signed by Spearman ('A Y Spearman'), to the Directors of the Bank of Scotland, regarding the remittance of Scottish Revenue to London.

Sir Alexander Young Spearman (1793-1874), Assistant Secretary to the Treasury [Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh]
Publication details: 
Treasury Chambers [Whitehall]. 28 June 1837.

2pp., foolscap 8vo. On aged and worn paper, with slight loss to one edge from disbinding. On mourning paper (for King William IV).

Autograph Letter Signed from 'H. Taylor Collector', of the Inland Revenue, to the Supervisor, Wandsworth, regarding experiments and tests to ascertain 'whether Casks that have contained Spirits have or have not been grogged'.

[H. Taylor, Collector, Inland Revenue, 18 Newington Butts, London; Supervisor, Wandsworth; Grogging Spirit Casks]
Publication details: 
On government letterhead, with stamp of the Inland Revenue, 18 Newington Butts. 9 [corrected from 8] September 1892.

2pp., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on faded blue paper, with slight chipping and repair with archival tape.

Pamphlet, beginning with 'An exact list of those who voted against bringing in the Excise-Bill', followed by a section titled 'The Lords Protest', ending with an illustrated satirical poem, in two parts, titled 'Britannia Excisa: Britain Excis'd.'

[Sir Robert Walpole; Excise Bill of 1733; Houses of Parliament; Parliamentary; Georgian political satire]
Publication details: 
[London, 1733.]

Ten pages printed on a total of the six leaves of three folio bifoliums (leaf dimensions roughly 40.5 x 25 cm). The first part, apparently intended to fold around the others, is unpaginated, and printed on the recto of the first leaf and the verso of the last leaf of the bifolium. Each page consists of a list, divided into three columns of small print, giving details of the vote, with the names of the members, their constituencies, and a key revealing biographical information (e.g. 'Privy-Counsellors' [sic] and 'for and against Maintaining the Hessian Troops').

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