[George IV as Prince Regent, and former Prime Minister Lord Sidmouth as Home Secretary.] Warrant, signed 'George P R' and 'Sidmouth', appointing 'George Philips Esqr. Captain in the York Chasseurs', with signatures of Robert Lukin and Thomas Butts.

George IV as Prince Regent; Lord Sidmouth [Henry Addington, 1st Viscount Sidmouth] (1757-1844), Prime Minister; Thomas Butts (1757-1845), patron of William Blake; Robert Lukin; York Chasseurs
Publication details: 
'Given at Our Court at Carlton House the Sixteenth Day of March 1815 In the Fifty fifth Year of Our Reign.'

On one side of a 29 x 39 cm piece of vellum. In fair condition, with the usual discoloration found in vellum. A printed document, completed in manuscript, with a good example of George IV's signature as Prince Regent ('George P R') at top left. The royal seal has been removed from the space beneath the Prince Regent's signature. The signature of the Home Secretary ('Sidmouth') is at bottom right, somewhat faded. The document is a warrant appointing 'George Philips Esqr. Captain in the York Chasseurs', 'Commanded by Our Trusty and Welbeloved Major General Hugh Mackay Gordon'.

Autograph Letter Signed from 'H. Taylor Collector', of the Inland Revenue, to the Supervisor, Wandsworth, regarding experiments and tests to ascertain 'whether Casks that have contained Spirits have or have not been grogged'.

[H. Taylor, Collector, Inland Revenue, 18 Newington Butts, London; Supervisor, Wandsworth; Grogging Spirit Casks]
Publication details: 
On government letterhead, with stamp of the Inland Revenue, 18 Newington Butts. 9 [corrected from 8] September 1892.

2pp., foolscap 8vo. In fair condition, on faded blue paper, with slight chipping and repair with archival tape.

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