[Alfred Legoyt, French statician.] Photographic studio portrait by J. M. Mackie, taken at the International Statistical Congress, London, 1860. With printed financial appeal for his family, headed 'French Statists' Fund'.

Alfred Legoyt (1812-1885), French statistician who organised the census of France in 1856, 1861 and 1866 [J. M. Mackie, photographer; the Registrar General's Office, London]
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Photograph by J. M. Mackie, taken at the 'International Statistical Congress, London, 1860'. Printed handbill from the Registrar General's Office, Somerset House, W.C. [London] March 1871.
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Both items in good condition, on lightly worn and aged paper. ONE: Photograph. Roughly 12 x 9 cm, with upper corners rounded. Laid down on piece of 22 x 16.5 cm brown paper with printed caption 'INTERNATIONAL STATISTICAL CONGRESS, | LONDON, 1860'. The paper backing is in turn laid down on a piece of white 23.5 x 17 cm paper. The photograph depicts a keen-eyed and bewhiskered Legoyt, seated uncompromisingly on a chair, with arms folded. TWO: Printed Appeal. 1p., 12mo. On bifolium, addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'F Hendricks Esqre. | 1 King William Street | E6'. With red half-penny stamp (upside-down) and two London postmarks both dated 23 March 1871. The printed text is headed 'FRENCH STATISTS' FUND.' The text reads: 'The friends of Mons. A. Legoyt, who was for many years past at the head of the Statistical Bureau at Paris, and by his writings, which are well known throughout Europe, has rendered most signal service to Statistical Science, are raising a fund to be applied primarily to the relief of the cruel and severe losses which have been inflicted on M. Legoyt by the War and its consequences. | Dr. Farr, Mr. Heywood, and Mr. Newmarch are fully informed and entirely satisfied regarding the particulars of the case, and will make themselves responsible for the proper application of any funds which may be collected, and they respectfully solicit contributions. | Payments may be made to Messrs. Glyn and Co., 67, Lombard Street, City, to the credit of the "French Statists' Fund."' A list of nine names, with contributions follows, headed by 'Earl Fortescue' (ten pounds) and 'Mr. James Heywood' (ten guineas). Added in manuscript at the end is 'Mr. F. Hendricks', with a donation of a guinea. No copy of Item Two on either OCLC WorldCat or COPAC.