Autograph Letter Signed ('A. C. Egerton | V.U.I.P.!') from the chemist A. C. Egerton to Thomas Lloyd Humberstone, giving his reasons for passing him over in an election in favour of the microbiologist Frederick William Twort.

Professor Sir Alfred Charles Glyn Egerton [A. C. Egerton] (1886-1959), chemist, of Imperial College, London [Frederick William Twort (1877-1950); Thomas Lloyd Humberstone (1876-1957), educationist]
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22 October 1947; on letterhead of Imperial College of Science and Technology, Prince Consort Road, London.
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12mo, 2 pp. 22 lines. Text clear and complete. Begins by explaining his reasons for not supporting Humberstone in an unspecified election. Humberstone has 'valiantly' supported 'the cause for Research at the Universities', and his 'knowledge of University affairs' is 'profound', but 'after a time new minds have to have their turn!' He remembers a paper of Twort's 'on airborn infection problems' which interested him 'much'. 'I know he was an original investigator, but somehow he seems to have got across people in his line of work. I don't propose to go in for Biological Warfare! but if one can help to smooth things it is always my wish to do so.' He will read Humberstone's 'brochure on Coventry with glee'.