Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'F M Peard') from the Victorian author Frances Mary Peard to the wife of the London solicitor Robert Cole, FSA, regarding the physical condition and situation of 'the Signora', 'Mme Sineo [Sineo-Benaducci?]'.

Frances Mary Peard (1835-c.1923), Victorian author [Robert Cole, FSA, London solicitor and autograph collector; Madame Sineo-Benaducci]
Frances Mary Peard (1835-c.1923), Victorian author
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Letter One: 7 June [1880s?]; Sparnon, on deleted letterhead of Meadfoot Lodge, Torquay. Letter Two: without date or place.
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Both items in good condition on aged paper. A dramatic, almost novelistic correspondence, regarding 'the Signora' (named in the second letter as 'Mme Sineo', who is staying at her house in Torquay and is apparently too frail to return to her London house. Letter One: Docketed 'No 1'. 12mo, 4 pp. Peard states that she has not 'written of late about the Signora. She has got fairly well again, but she does not seem to us fit to return to London, & I hear that her doctor does not think she ever will be fit. This she does not know, & you must not let out!' As her 'best friend', Mrs Cole will know whether 'she would be better off if she had only one home'. 'She is a very difficult person to advise, & is easily offended. I believe she has never been angry with me, but then I am very cautious! [...] One lady here, too (a friend of mine) has always pleased her, & has been very kind.' Letter Two: Docketed 'No 2. Do not return any of these | S C'. 12mo, 3 pp. She thanks her for her 'long & explicit' letter, which puts me fully in possession of the case'. She has written to Madame Sineo's doctor, 'saying I had only heard that he did not think she could ever return to London, & if that was his opinion suggesting it might be better for him to tell her so, on account of her rooms in London.' The doctor's answer 'does not take any responsibility!' Peard then states: 'I do not want it [i.e. responsibility] again.' The kind lady has given Madame Sineo '£5 at Xmas, & £3 last week, & no doubt others have assisted her'. Peard does not think 'we can do anything about her going back to London'. She ends by congratulating Mrs Cole on her son's book. The identity of 'the Signora' is unclear, but the Athenaeum, 11 January 1862, carries an advertisement for Italian teaching by 'Professor and Madame Sineo-Benaducci' of 17 Northumberland Place, Westbourne Grove.