Autograph Letter Signed ('C. S. Henry') from Caleb Sprague Henry. editor of the New York Review, to William Whitwell Greenough, accepting an article, but complaining of Greenough's handwriting, and of 'a difficulty in getting Saxon type'.

Caleb Sprague Henry (1804-1884), Episcopal clergyman and author, editor of the New York Review, Professor of History and Philosophy in New York University [William Whitwell Greenough (1818-1899]
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New York; 26 April 1838.
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3pp., 4to. Bifolium. 57 lines. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed, on reverse of second leaf, to 'William W. Greenough | Andover | Massachusetts', with circular postmark in red ink and remains of red wax seal. Regarding 'the article on Bosworth's Anglo-Sax. Dict.', Henry writes: 'From the few first pages that I have read & the glance that I have given at the rest, I am satisfied that I shall be glad to print your article. But it is impossible, on account of the handwriting, to print it in its present state.' Henry is 'quite sure no compositor in the office can make it all out [...] The piece, you know, abounds with Saxon words & with unusual names of places, authors, &c - and to read the handwriting accurately requires a greater familiarity with the subject than I possess. | In writing for a review the handwriting should, in all cases, be plainer than yours [...] There is another difficulty. I do not know whether I shall not find a difficulty in getting Saxon type.' He suggests 'three ways of getting along in this case', the second being for Greenough 'to be here yourself for a couple of days to correct the press'. Whatever course was adopted, Greenough's article was published in the New York Review in 1838.