Four photogravure prints, including portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria by Heinrich von Angeli and painting by Anton Kozakiewicz, accompanying an advertising brochure for 'Richard Paulussen | Establishment for Photogravure | Vienna (Austria)'

Richard Paulussen (c.1854-1906), of Margarethenhof, Vienna, photogravure engraver and printer [Heinrich von Angeli; Anton Kozakiewicz, Polish painter; Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria]
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Brochure dated in type 'Vienna, May 1889. | V. Margarethenhof.' The four engravings undated.
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The four prints are in good condition, on aged paper. Each of the four engravings is on india paper, laid down on a piece of good thick laid paper of dimensions 19.5 x 28 cm. Printed beneath each image is 'Photogravure R. Paulussen, Vienne.' All four are captioned in French and English: the first, 'From an oilpainting' of 1888 by Anton Kozakiewicz (image dimensions 9.5 x 19.5 cm), shows a winter scene outside a house, with a Polish peasantwoman on a stepladder resting her hands on a man's shoulders, while another woman looks on; the second 'From life' (11 x 16 cm), a photograph of two smiling women in Austrian costume; the third, 'From an engraving' (landscape, 18 x 10 cm), showing a naked woman reclining among waves, with five cherubs floating above her; the fourth (12.5 x 16 cm), 'From a drawing' by 'G. FRANK DEL.' from a painting by Heinrich von Angeli of Kaiser Franz Josef, 1883, showing a whiskered Austrian. The brochure (described by Paulussen as a 'prospectus') is a nicely-printed bifolium, leaf dimensions 20 x 28 cm. Fair, on lightly-spotted paper, with vignette of mouse on book. He boasts that after 'many years experiments in this kind of reproduction', he has 'succeeded in giving any work done by me a degree of artistic perfection which will satisfy even the highest expectations', and gives 'quotations of prices', to show that he can offer his clients 'far greater advantages than any other establishment'. 'Should the enclosed specimens not be found sufficient, I am quite willing to send some others, and should they meet with approval, I am ready, if an important order is likely to be given, to make even a trial plate.'