ALS ('Norwick') from the connoisseur John Rushout, 2nd Baron Northwick, offering to show his art collection to the recipient and his daughter.

John Rushout (1770-1859), 2nd Baron Northwick, English peer and connoisseur
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Connaught Place; 29 June 1832.
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2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Having received the unnamed recipient's letter of the previous day, Northwick will be 'most happy to give effect to your wishes by granting free access to my Pictures to you, & your Daughter, whenever it may be convenient to you to call at Connaught Place'. If the recipient calls before noon Northwick will probably 'have the pleasure of shewing them to you', if he comes after noon, or Northwich 'shd. happen to be from home, my Servants shall receive directions to admit you to see the Paintings'.