Autograph Letter Signed ('Benjamin Britten') and Typed Letter Signed ('Ben') from the composer Benjamin Britten to the publisher Hans Juda, with seven other items including an Autograph Card Signed from Britten's secretary Jeremy Cullum.

Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), English composer [Hans Juda [Hans Peter Juda] (1904-1975), art collector, publisher of the magazine 'The Ambassador']
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Britten's and Cullum's letters from The Red House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. The nine items dating from 1962, 1964 and 1965.
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The nine items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Items One, Three and Four, from 1962, and stapled together, as are the other six items, dating from 1964-5. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed ('Benjamin Britten') from Britten to Juda. On letterhead of The Red House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 25 July 1962. Responding to Item Three below, Britten thanks Juda for 'sending the magnificent book on Graham Sutherland', which Britten is 'very glad indeed to have'. He is dissapointed that Juda had to cancel his visit to Aldeburgh: 'Our Festival seems to go well, & we had some good concerts and operas.' TWO: Typed Letter Signed ('Ben') from Britten to Juda. On Red House letterhead. 8 March 1965. 1p., 4to. Responding to Item Eight below, Britten thanks Juda for 'the magnificent volume', which was waiting for him 'when I got back from India lat week'. He is not often in London, 'especially in this my sabbatical year', but would like to accept Juda's invitation to meet 'if it were possible to arrange'. THREE: Copy of Typed Letter from Juda to Britten. 13 July 1962. 1p., 4to. 'I intended to bring you the attached book, but as I had to cancel my Aldeburgh trip, I have to ask the G.P.O. to act on my behalf. | When next you come to Fawley Bottom you should let me know!' FOUR: Autograph Card Signed from Britten's secretary Jeremy Cullum to Juda. On Red House letterhead. Postmarked 21 July 1962. 'Mr. Britten is abroad at the moment, but when he comes back I know he will be most pleased to have the book you kindly sent him.' FIVE: Copy of Typed Letter from Juda to Britten. 15 September 1964. 1p., 4to. 'Somebody in the States sent me a cutting from "SR Recordings" which contains your speech at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. Unfortunately the cuttings are really cuttings, i.e. the speech is not complete, and I should be very grateful to have your manuscript, if only for a day, because I should like to make reference to it in the forthcoming issue of "The Ambassador", which is a formidable volume of 460 pages and contains an article by William Glock; part of your address would fit admirably. I was deeply impressed by what I was able to read of your speech.' Britten's Aldeburgh telephone number, and the name of his secretary, are written in blue ink at the top of the copy. With second copy. SIX: Typed Letter Signed from Susan Jones, Assistant to Donald Mitchell, Faber and Faber Ltd, London, to Miss Wadsworth of Ambassador Magazine. 29 September 1964. 1p., 4to. She is enclosing 'the page you requested from Benjamin Britten's Aspen speech': 'we should be grateful if you could send us a copy when it comes out'. A photocopy of the concluding page of the SR article, not present in Item Nine below, is appended, again marked up by Juda. SEVEN: Typed Note from S. C. Reiss, Secretary, The Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts. 29 September 1964. 1p., 12mo. A covering letter, requesting the return of items including two books once they are finished with, and the use of 'alternatives if any chosen in case we have neither block nor original photos'. EIGHT: Copy of Typed Letter from Juda to Britten. 24 February 1965. 1p., 4to. Juda and his wife Elsbeth have been in the Americas over the previous months and, as he is unsure whether Britten ever received a copy of the November issue of 'The Ambassador", he is sending one. 'We know that you are never "at a loose end" when you are in London - but we should love to see you again, preferably for dinner at The Penthouse.' NINE: Three leaves, carrying pp.37-42, extracted from the magazine SR for 22 August 1964. Containing the article 'On Winning the First Aspen Award', with photograph of Britten and extensive quotations from his acceptance speech, sections of which are marked up in blue ink by Juda.