Autograph Letter Signed ('Benjamin Britten') and Typed Letter Signed ('Ben') from the composer Benjamin Britten to the publisher Hans Juda, with seven other items including an Autograph Card Signed from Britten's secretary Jeremy Cullum.

Benjamin Britten (1913-1976), English composer [Hans Juda [Hans Peter Juda] (1904-1975), art collector, publisher of the magazine 'The Ambassador']
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Britten's and Cullum's letters from The Red House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. The nine items dating from 1962, 1964 and 1965.

The nine items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Items One, Three and Four, from 1962, and stapled together, as are the other six items, dating from 1964-5. ONE: Autograph Letter Signed ('Benjamin Britten') from Britten to Juda. On letterhead of The Red House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 25 July 1962. Responding to Item Three below, Britten thanks Juda for 'sending the magnificent book on Graham Sutherland', which Britten is 'very glad indeed to have'.

TLS ('Henry') from sculptor Henry Moore to art collector Hans Juda, concerning an Inland Revenue 'ruling (which I think applies only to me)'. With autograph directions from Moore's house Hoglands to Hoddesdon, and copies of four letters by Juda.

Henry Moore [Henry Spencer Moore] (1898-1986), English sculptor [Hans Juda [Hans Peter Juda] (1904-1975), art collector, publisher of the magazine 'The Ambassador']
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Moore's letter and the directions on separate Hoglands letterheads, the letter dated 29 March 1973 and the directions undated. Copies of four Juda letters dated 13 May 1965, 23 March and 3 April 1973, and 29 August 1974.

ONE: Typed Letter Signed ('Henry') from Moore to Juda ('Dear Hans'). On letterhead of Hoglands, Perry Green, Much Hadham, Herts. 29 March 1973. 1p., 12mo.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Nina Kandinsky') in French from the widow of the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky to the collector and publisher Hans Juda, praising an exhibition catalogue and giving details of how to meet in Paris.

Nina Kandinsky [née Nina Nikolayevna Andreevskaya] (d.1980), wife of Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) [Hans Peter Juda (1904-1975), art collector and publisher]
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In envelope addressed from 135 Boulevard du Général Koenig, Neuilly-sur-Seine. 20 October 1968.

1p., 8vo. In fair condition: lightly-aged and creased with light wear at head. Stapled to air mail envelope (lacking stamp), addressed to Juda at The Penthouse, 10 Palace Gate, London. She thanks him for the catalogue, which is 'très bien fait'. She thinks back 'avec plaisir' to her stay in London, and will be very happy to receive him at her Paris address, whose telephone number she gives. Postscript reads: 'J'èspere [sic] que l'exposition a une bonne presse? [signed] N. K.'

Autograph Letter Signed ('Oliver') from artist and stage designer Oliver Messel to collector Hans Juda, describing his terms for the sale of the originals of two 'designs for the Glyndebourne brochure' in 1952, which Juda's firm helped produce.

Oliver Messel [Oliver Hilary Sambourne Messel] (1904-1978), English artist and stage designer [Hans Juda [Hans Peter Juda] (1904-1975), art collector and publisher; Vagn Riis-Hansen]
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No place or date. [2 December 1952.]

1p., folio. Fair, on lightly-aged paper; with staple- and punch-holes in left-hand margin. Docketed in pencil, at head 'file Oliver MESSEL', and at foot '2/XII/52'. He thanks him for 'your charming messages [...] about the designs for the Glyndebourne brochure', which were 'given me by Vagn' (Messel's partner Vagn Riis-Hansen). 'For the one design ie.

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