Autograph Letter Signed ('Oliver') from artist and stage designer Oliver Messel to collector Hans Juda, describing his terms for the sale of the originals of two 'designs for the Glyndebourne brochure' in 1952, which Juda's firm helped produce.

Oliver Messel [Oliver Hilary Sambourne Messel] (1904-1978), English artist and stage designer [Hans Juda [Hans Peter Juda] (1904-1975), art collector and publisher; Vagn Riis-Hansen]
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No place or date. [2 December 1952.]
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1p., folio. Fair, on lightly-aged paper; with staple- and punch-holes in left-hand margin. Docketed in pencil, at head 'file Oliver MESSEL', and at foot '2/XII/52'. He thanks him for 'your charming messages [...] about the designs for the Glyndebourne brochure', which were 'given me by Vagn' (Messel's partner Vagn Riis-Hansen). 'For the one design ie. the principal one that was on the front, I dont [sic] believe I can part with it for less than £60 as it really is one of the things that I have got rather attached to.' If this amount is within what Juda 'can afford to pay', Messel will 'give you the other one, to accompany it because as [sic] they were designed together and you had them so nicely reproduced together. I would like you to have them both together.' For Juda's involvement in the production of the Glyndebourne programme, see Walter Schindler, 'Art and industry | The publisher of "The Ambassador"', AJR Information, September 1962, p.7.