TLS ('Henry') from sculptor Henry Moore to art collector Hans Juda, concerning an Inland Revenue 'ruling (which I think applies only to me)'. With autograph directions from Moore's house Hoglands to Hoddesdon, and copies of four letters by Juda.

Henry Moore [Henry Spencer Moore] (1898-1986), English sculptor [Hans Juda [Hans Peter Juda] (1904-1975), art collector, publisher of the magazine 'The Ambassador']
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Moore's letter and the directions on separate Hoglands letterheads, the letter dated 29 March 1973 and the directions undated. Copies of four Juda letters dated 13 May 1965, 23 March and 3 April 1973, and 29 August 1974.
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ONE: Typed Letter Signed ('Henry') from Moore to Juda ('Dear Hans'). On letterhead of Hoglands, Perry Green, Much Hadham, Herts. 29 March 1973. 1p., 12mo. He thanks Juda for telling him about 'the ART AUCTION in aid of "Save the Children Fund." | I do know about it as some years ago I gave a sculpture, and then a lithograph for this fund.' Moore has given so much work 'for these worthy causes [...] that the Inland Revenue people, realising that they were losing a lot of tax through my work not being sold in the normal way, made a ruling, (which I think applies only to me), that I can only give work "to the Tate Gallery, or any other public gallery, or for a public monument of national importance." I was relieved when they made this ruling, it solved many problems for me.' He concludes with best wishes to Juda and his wife the photograph Elspeth Juda. TWO: Autograph driving directions from Hoglands to Hoddesdon, drawn in blue ink by Moore. On Hoglands letterhead. 1p., 12mo. Representing, along the right-hand margin, a snaking road route up from Hoglands, in the bottom right-hand corner, joining the A10 which is drawn vertically across the page below the letterhead, to Hoddesdon in the top left-hand corner, from which an arrow points leftwards off the page. THREE: Copy of typed letter from Juda to Moore. 13 May 1965. 1p., 8vo. Attached to Item Two. He thanks Moore for a 'wonderful afternoon'. 'Last night at Victor's Retrospective Exhibition - impressive and beautifully staged - we looked at our favourite Moores; the knife-edged two-piece which was bought by the Tate in 1963 appealed to Elspeth, who remembers that you showed us part of this knife-edged piece last Tuesday; the other part you looked for was not there.' He concludes by askigng whether there is 'a possibility of your letting us have a similar piece as the one at the Tate?' FOUR: Copy of typed letter from Juda to Moore. 23 March 1973. 1p., 8vo. The letter to which ONE replies. He realises that 'the flood of begging letters for worthy causes' Moore receives 'must increase daily', but is writing on behalf of his 'dear and old friend' Mrs Lola Hahn-Warburg, who is in charge of the Save the Children Fund art auction. 'If you could see your way to part with a little sketch or drawing, it would certainly be the highlight of the Auction.' FIVE: Copy of typed letter from Juda to Moore. 3 April 1973. 1p., 8vo. Moore's letter 'makes it very clear that you cannot possibly be as generous as you would like to be'. SIX: Copy of typed letter from Juda to Moore. 29 August 1974. 1p., 8vo. He is approaching the age of seventy ('I think you might still remember the event.'). 'I have given myself one gift: to thank you personally for the enlightenment you have given for all those years. | The more my eyesight deteriorates, the more vision there seems to be and "to see things" is a quality which you have given not only to me but to many thousands if not millions of people.' He describes three of his own sculptures which he is sending Moore under separate cover, one of which 'is, of course, based on an objet trouve which I only slightly manipulated before it was cast at the Central School of Art and Design (in which I still take a very active interest as you know). [...] To send you these three items is my only birthday present. What you should not do is to clutter up further your huge collection of similar if not more congenial items.'