Attractive and colourful 1930s scrapbook, compiled by G. H. Manchester of Ashton-under-Lyne, mainly devoted to motoring, but with pages of footballers, boxers, cricketers, tennis players, aircraft, film and radio stars, pretty girls, dandies.

[Geoffrey H. Manchester of Ashton-under-Lyne; 1930s scrapbook; motoring; transport; motor sports; football; Hollywood stars]
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Mostly compiled between 1934 and 1937, with a few pages at the end from the 1950s and 1980s.
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Several hundred images (most illustrations rather than photographs and most in colour), many carefully cut out, all laid down on 68pp. in an album made up from a ruled exercise book roughly 20 x 16 cm, including three fold-outs (the first, beneath a decorative flap that reads 'Birds Unfeathered | Worth A Bit Of Study', carrying eight 1930s illustrations women in underwear). The album has been attractively customised with printed illustrations of motor racing over board covers. Many of the illustrations are captioned in a stylised hand; for example the first two, cartoons of Sir Malcolm Campbell and Tazio Nuvolari, are captioned and initalled 'Two Fast Lads | 300 m.p.h. on Salt Flats USA Sep 1936 GHM | 215 on the road in Italy 1936 GHM'. Page headings include: 'British Sports Cars 1936', 'Grand Prix Cars 1935-6', 'Film Stars 1934', 'On the Air', 'How to Play the Noble Game of Football', 'Fresh Water Fish', 'Radio Celebrities', Motor Cycles 1923', 'More Voices on the Air 1934', 'More Hints on Football', 'Whirring Wheels on Road and Track', 'Aircraft Civil and Military 1935', 'British Civil Aircraft 1935', 'Deep Sea Fishes', 'Motor Cars for 1936. Stock Saloons', 'Famous Trials Cars Models Popular in 1936', 'Sports Saloons & Coupes 1936', 'Foreign Pleasure Planes 1936', 'Foreign Transport Planes', 'Tennis Stars 1936', 'Sports Saloons of Vintage 1936-7', 'American Designs 1936', 'Gentle-Men Perhaps! [i.e. boxers]' and 'Famous Dandies'. The last 12pp. carry illustrations of cars from the 1950s, together with a fold-out carrying some later material, including badges and stickers revealing 'GHM' to be Geoffrey H. Manchester of Ashton-under-Lyne, variously of Salthouses Ltd (Vauxhall Bedford Dealers Club), Rowland Winn, and Graham Brothers (Motors) Ltd, Manchester (of which he is listed as 'Geoff. Manchester General Manager Ashton').