Three scrapbooks containing professional and personal material, 1883-1907, with material relating to his father, Quartermaster-General of the United States army.

Montgomery Meigs, Jr, son of The Union Army's Quarter-Master-General
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Montgomery Cunningham Meigs (1847-1931), nicknamed 'Monty', civil engineer and inventor, was the son of the celebrated American army officer and engineer of the same name (1816-1892), Quartermaster-General of the United States army during and after the American civil war. While easily overshadowed by his illustrious father, Meigs was a fascinating figure in his own right, talented in a wide range of fields: manager of the canals and locks of the Old Des Moines Rapids Canal, designer of steamboats and other river craft, and Mississippi river pilot.

[Charles Edward Fewster of Hull.] Scrapbook containing chromolithograph leaves from the Sermon on the Mount, 'Illuminated by Owen Jones', and other material including a long manuscript letter on 'Japanesque stationery' by Charles Goodall & Son.

Charles Edward Fewster (1847-1896), Hull paint maker; Owen Jones; Henry Warren; Chas. Goodall & Son [Charles Goodall & Son] of Camden, printers; Marcus Ward & Co., of Belfast; Albrecht Dürer [Durer]
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In album by Marcus Ward & Co. of London and the Royal Ulster Works, Belfast. Owen Jones item: London: Longman & Co., 1844. Charles Goodall & Son letter: London: 1 February 1877.

A cultured man (an authority on numismatics), Fewster worked for the family firm of Thomas Fewster of Hull, paint, colour and varnish manufacturers. The present item is an attractive example of his professional interest in the developments in late nineteenth-century design (another is his collection of the designs of Christopher Dresser, in two albums, is now in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London). It is a small 4to (21 x 17 cm) album of green cloth, with embossed design of birds and foliage around the words 'Scrap Album' on front cover, and printed illustrated title by Marcus Ward & Co.

Attractive and colourful 1930s scrapbook, compiled by G. H. Manchester of Ashton-under-Lyne, mainly devoted to motoring, but with pages of footballers, boxers, cricketers, tennis players, aircraft, film and radio stars, pretty girls, dandies.

[Geoffrey H. Manchester of Ashton-under-Lyne; 1930s scrapbook; motoring; transport; motor sports; football; Hollywood stars]
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Mostly compiled between 1934 and 1937, with a few pages at the end from the 1950s and 1980s.

Several hundred images (most illustrations rather than photographs and most in colour), many carefully cut out, all laid down on 68pp. in an album made up from a ruled exercise book roughly 20 x 16 cm, including three fold-outs (the first, beneath a decorative flap that reads 'Birds Unfeathered | Worth A Bit Of Study', carrying eight 1930s illustrations women in underwear). The album has been attractively customised with printed illustrations of motor racing over board covers.

Sixteen scrapbook volumes, containing Newman's contributions (on naval subjects) and reflecting his interests.

Commander Robert Amyett Newman (1793-1883), RN, the ‘last surviving officer of the Flying Squadron of the Trafalgar Fleet'
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Sixteen scrapbook volumes, 1836-1883, containing, among a mass of press cuttings over more than 2000 pages, numerous contributions by Newman to newspapers, as well as autograph copies of his letters to the editor of the Naval and Military Gazette under the pseudonym ‘Nauticus’. The newspapers featured include the Devonport Independent, Weekly True Sun, Kentish Gazette, Folkestone Express, Devonport Telegraph, Kensington and Chelsea News.

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