[William Hurrell Mallock, novelist and conservative writer.] Two Autograph Letters Signed ('W. H. Mallock') to 'Lady Dorothy [Nevill]', with his short story 'Positivism on an Island: The New Paul and Virginia', extracted from the Contemporary Review.

W. H. Mallock [William Hurrell Mallock] (1849-1923), novelist, journalist and conservative writer [Lady Dorothy Nevill (1826-1913), hostess]
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The two letters from L<airbeck?> Cottage, Keswick, Cumberland. 28 and 31 March 1878. The printed short story extracted from The Contemporary Review, London, vol.32, 1878.
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The present short story, based on Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's 1787 novel Paul et Virginie, was expanded into a novel published by Chatto & Windus in the same year, and is regarded as a significant example of the dystopian literature popular during the period. The three items are attached to one another along margins. All in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. Letter One (28 March 1898): 2pp., 12mo. He explains that he is hoping to send her a copy on the following day 'a copy of a new production of mine, which is to appear in the "Contemporary Review". It is a short satirical Romance, and I think it may amuse you.' He continues by explaining that he is hoping to return to London at the beginning of May, and that he is 'going back to Torquay for Easter. 'Have you and Miss Nevill been to any more plays lately? I am longing to go to "Diplomacy" - I hope it will be still going on when I am back in Town.' Letter Two (31 March 1878): 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium on grey paper. He will be sending the copy of the magazine, 'with my Romance in it', but cannot that day, 'because the Keswick Post Office is shut up all Sunday, and the letter box is not large enough to receive letter-packets.' He only received the copy that morning. 'I am not in any hurry now about Lord Beaconsfield; only if it should ever come in your way to say anyting to him on my behalf, I shall of course be very obliged to you.' He concludes by explaining that his 'movements a little depend on a friend I am staying with, who is leaving this

for Greece'. Item Two: The printed article, torn from the magazine, and covering pp.1-28. Signed in type 'W. H. MALLOCK'.