[John Brewster, Under Sheriff of Nottingham.] Autograph Note Signed to John Goodall, enclosing an account of legal charges in the cases Grammer against Lord Melbourne and Grammer against Hides, relating to Greasley Moor Green, Nottinghamshire.

John Brewster, Under Sheriff of Nottingham [William Lamb (1779-1848), 2nd Viscount Melbourne [Lord Melbourne]; Thomas Grammer of Greasley Moor Green, Nottinghamshire; John Goodall, solicitor, Derby]
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Letter dated from Nottingham, 19 March 1845. Account of charges at 12 March 1845.
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On 4to bifolium, with the account of charges on the recto of the first page, and Brewster's letter on the recto of the second. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed, with Nottingham and Derby postmarks, on the reverse of the second leaf, to 'John Goodall Esq | Solr. | Derby'. Docketted: 'Brewster Jno. | Under Shff of Nttm | with acct. of Charges in Grammer at Melbourne | Same at Hides'. The letter reads 'Inclosed I forward you the Account of Charges relating to these

and shall feel obliged by a Check for the amount at your convenience.' The account of charges is in a different hand, and headed 'John Goodall Esq | To the Undersheriff of Notts.' The charges amount to £5 18s 0d, and include the cost of preparing warrants and summonses, and paying bailiffs. Also: 'In consequence of countermand of notice by Defendants Attorney preparing Notices to Jurors countermanding their attendance' and 'Paid Messengers and expences in countermanding including

'. The 1853 'History, Directory and Gazetteer' of Nottingham gives the context of the case: 'Greasley, commonly called Greasley Moor Green, from its being included in that constablewick, is situated seven miles N.W. by N. of Nottingham; it is a small bnt pleasant village containing about 360 inhabitants; Lord Melbourne is the principal owner and lord of the manor; but Thomas Grammer, Mrs. Marshall, and the Misses Grammers have also estates here.'