[Rev. Frederic Smith, Registrar, East India College.] Printed form, filled in and signed by him, giving 'Mr. Balfour's Account' with the College.

Rev. Frederic Smith, Registrar, East India College [now Haileybury College, Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire]
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East India College [Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire]. 17 December 1840.
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1p., 8vo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, but with damage to one margin (not affecting text) caused by the tearing of the item out of a book. The account is itemised into: Apothecary; Bookseller and Stationer; Hair Cutter; Porter, for Letters, &c; Purveyor; Shoemaker; Tailor, with four categories added in Smith's hand: Fencing; Wine; Advances; Jackson (Packing Cases). Balfour's account comes to £60 19s 1d. Beneath the account are fourteen lines of printed notifications, concluding: 'N.B. The Registrar's Address, during the ensuing College Vacation, may be had of Mr. Hooper, College Office, East India House, London.'