[Rev. Frederic Smith, Registrar, East India College.] Printed form, filled in and signed by him, giving 'Mr. Balfour's Account' with the College.

Rev. Frederic Smith, Registrar, East India College [now Haileybury College, Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire]
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East India College [Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire]. 17 December 1840.

1p., 8vo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, but with damage to one margin (not affecting text) caused by the tearing of the item out of a book. The account is itemised into: Apothecary; Bookseller and Stationer; Hair Cutter; Porter, for Letters, &c; Purveyor; Shoemaker; Tailor, with four categories added in Smith's hand: Fencing; Wine; Advances; Jackson (Packing Cases). Balfour's account comes to £60 19s 1d. Beneath the account are fourteen lines of printed notifications, concluding: 'N.B. The Registrar's Address, during the ensuing College Vacation, may be had of Mr.

Four Autograph Letters Signed to [?] Macphail; copy, with MS corrections and additions, of proposed report on Bill by committee of the Faculty of Advocates; 'COPY LETTER, Mr P. W. Campbell, P.C.S., to Sir William S. Haldane, Crown Agent'; Bill.

Charles Scott Dickson [Parliamentary Bill: Clerks of Session (Scotland) Regulation Acts, 1889 and 1912]
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The four letters, December 1812 to 1813; the Advocates' report, 14 January 1913, Advocates Library; Campbell's letter, 23 December 1912, Edinburgh; Bill, 9 December 1912.

Dickson (born 1850) was Tory M.P. for Glasgow, Lord Advocate and Lord Justice Clerk. The four letters, all 12mo and all on House of Commons Library notepaper, are dusty and creased. Three are dated (30 and 31 December and 2 January) and signed; the other letter is undated and initialed. LETTER ONE: 'I spoke to the Lord Advocate to-day & he then definitely informed me that the Lord President entirely approved of the Bill.' LETTER TWO: 'I have spoken to the Advocate about the date of the committee stage & we will I believe have some weeks yet.

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