[George Hogarth, music journalist and father-in-law of Charles Dickens.] Manuscript volume, labelled 'No 1 DECEMBER 1837 1838', containing lists of music performed by a band (for Queen Victoria?) on 172 dates, some at Windsor Castle and London.

[George Hogarth (1783-1870), Scottish music journalist, father-in-law of Charles Dickens; Queen Victoria; Windsor Castle]
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Windsor and London, 4 December 1837 to 5 October 1838. Binder's ticket of 'W. Creswick, Paper Maker, 5, John Street, Oxford Street' on front pastedown.
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172pp., 16mo (10 x 6.5 cm.). In original green leather quarter-binding, with marbled endpapers and label on front cover: 'No 1 | DECEMBER | 1837 | 1838'. Aged and worn, with the contents of the volume detached from the binding, and the signatures loose through breaking of the stitching. In pencil beneath the binder's ticket on the front pastedown: 'Hogarth | 10 Powis Place', with this address continuing at the foot of the first page: 'Gt Ormond St'. 'Hogarth' is Charles Dickens's father-in-law George Hogarth, Dicken's having married Hogarth's daughter in 1835, the two men having worked together on the Morning Chronicle. Hogarth's motive for compiling these lists is unclear, but the volume contains various clues, with a strong indication that they represent music performed before Queen Victoria, recorded for journalistic purposes. At the head of the front pastedown, in ink: 'Band began practice Thursday Novr. 30 | Decr. 1st. H S R | 2 H S R | 4 H S R | 6 H S R | Decr. 7th. H S R | 8 S J P''. (These initials are of unknown significance.) Each entry covers a page, and the entry for Tuesday 9 January 1838 is not untypical: 'Overture Preciosa | Romance & Chorus Fair Rosamond | Melange Les Huguenots | German Waltzer | Tiro & Chorus "Night is Coming" - Barnett | Tutto e [sciolto] - [and] Prendi L'anel La Somnambula | La Mode Contre danses Variees | God save the Queen'. At head of entry for 20 January 1838: 'Queen was to have gone to the Opera'. Entry for 23 August 1838 headed 'Windsor Castle', and entry for 23 April 1838 'Last Night at Windsor'. Entries on the following dates headed 'Windsor': 2 and 15 January, 11 April, 21 and 31 August 1838. Entry for 25 April 1838 headed 'London'. Entry for 9 April 1838 has last four musical selections deleted and replaced by 'Bavarian Brass Band played'. Entry for 21 June 1838 carries note: 'Band sent for at 7 Ock. only [last word underlined twice]'. In pencil on entry for 12 February 1838: 'Hardy', and on 7 March 1838 'G Hardy', and on 28 February 'Williams'.