Printed and manuscript material relating to the Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery [Royal Artillery Band], including notes made by Quartermaster Sergeant E. A. Reynolds for the musicologist Herbert George Farmer, concert programmes, staff lists.

[The Band of the Royal Regiment of Artillery [Royal Artillery Band, Woolwich]; Quartermaster Sergeant Edward Arthur Reynolds; Herbert George Farmer (1882-1965), musicologist]
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[Royal Artillery Band, Woowich.] Dating from between 1902 and 1952.

The collection of more than 100 items is in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, apart from a damp-damaged notebook (see below). It derives from the papers of E. A. Reynolds, who was referred to in two works by Henry George Farmer. First, in his 'Cavaliere Zavertal and the Royal Artillery Band' (1951), Famer acknowledges 'the valuable assistance of Edward A.

[ John Philip Sousa, American composer. ] Autograph Signature, carefully written along the horizon line of a small photograph of the Atlantic City Steel Pier.

John Philip Sousa (1854-1932), American composer, known for his marches including 'Stars and Stripes Forever'
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No place. 1911.

Carefully signed along the horizon line of a 3 x 9.5 black and white photograph of the Atlantic City Steel Pier, the location of a "residency" of Sousa's. Laid down on 13.5 x 16.5 cm piece of light-pink paper removed from autograph album. In very good condition. Reads: 'John Philip Sousa | 1911'.

[George Hogarth, music journalist and father-in-law of Charles Dickens.] Manuscript volume, labelled 'No 1 DECEMBER 1837 1838', containing lists of music performed by a band (for Queen Victoria?) on 172 dates, some at Windsor Castle and London.

[George Hogarth (1783-1870), Scottish music journalist, father-in-law of Charles Dickens; Queen Victoria; Windsor Castle]
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Windsor and London, 4 December 1837 to 5 October 1838. Binder's ticket of 'W. Creswick, Paper Maker, 5, John Street, Oxford Street' on front pastedown.

172pp., 16mo (10 x 6.5 cm.). In original green leather quarter-binding, with marbled endpapers and label on front cover: 'No 1 | DECEMBER | 1837 | 1838'. Aged and worn, with the contents of the volume detached from the binding, and the signatures loose through breaking of the stitching. In pencil beneath the binder's ticket on the front pastedown: 'Hogarth | 10 Powis Place', with this address continuing at the foot of the first page: 'Gt Ormond St'.

Testimonials and References. H. T. Robinson, (Conductor of the Banbury Orchestral Society, late Bandmaster Banbury Volunteer Band.) Teacher of the Violin, Clarinet, and Flute, 38, Broughton Road, Banbury. [Printed by Cheney & Sons, Banbury.]

[H. T. Robinson, Conducter of the Banbury Orchestral Society, late Bandmaster, Banbury Volunteer Band; Cheney & Sons, General, Commercial & Artistic Printers, Banbury]
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Cheney & Sons, Printers, Banbury. No date [1890].

12pp., 16mo. (12.5 x 9 cm). Stitched pamphlet on light blue paper, printed in dark blue ink. Very good. Seventeen testimonials, all dating from 1890, thirteen of them from Banbury. The first testimonial by the Vicar of South Banbury, C. E. Graham-Jones, and the last by F. G. Hughes of Birmingham, Member of the National Society of Professional Musicians; and including others by Frank H. Shayler of 151 Oxford Street [London] and Charles Coxeter, Junior, 92 Gower Street [London]. Scarce: no copy traced, either on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Aboyne (later the 9th Marquess of Huntly) from 'A C <Dugend?>' of Aberdeen, concerning the uniforms of 'the Band of Music' (Aberdeenshire Militia?), and containing a 'detailed estimate' of the cost.

George Gordon, 9th Marquess of Huntly [known as the Earl of Aboyne from 1795 to 1836] (1761-1853) [the Aberdeenshire Militia (later the 3rd Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders)]
Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Aboyne
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2 January 1799; Aberdeen.
Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Aboyne

Both letter and estimate clear and complete; both good, on lightly-aged paper. Letter: 4to, 3 pp. Bifolium. Addressed, with faint circular 'ABER | DEEN' postmark in black ink, on reverse of second leaf, to 'The Right Honourable | The Earl of Aboyne | Montrose'. The letter is in two parts: the first (12 lines) on the recto of the first leaf, informs the Earl that 'The Buttons were sent by yesterdays Mail', and that, 'Some days since', he 'sent by the Mail Coach a pattern Coat as a Uniform for the Band.

Programme for 'The Count Basie Concert Tour' of England, Spring 1957. With handbill for the 'Farewell Concert' .

Count Basie [Joe Williams; Harold Fielding Concert Division; E.M.I.]
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Programme Designed and Produced by The Harold Fielding Organisation and Printed by Claridge, Lewis & Jordan Ltd., 68-70 Wardour Street, W.1'. [Both itmes: London, 1957.]

Two good pieces of jazz ephemera. Both items on shiny art paper and very lightly aged, but in excellent condition overall. The programme: 4to, 12 pp. Stapled pamphlet. Covers in orange and black. An attractive item, with a striking cover entirely consisting of Basie's head, printed in black, floating in a sea of orange colour. Full-page photographs of Basie (at the piano) and Joe Williams (singing at the microphone). Apart from the programme itself, covering a page, the text comprises: a two-page biography of Basie; a one-page feature on Williams; an full-page advertisement by E.M.I.

Autograph Manuscript musical score, entitled 'À la gigue. | F. W. (1924)', with autograph signature of 'Frank Wright' at the end.

Frank Wright (1901-1970), Professor of Brass and Military Band Scoring at the Guildhall School of Music, and editor of 'The Conductor' [brass bands]
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Dated '21st December 1927'.

On one side of a leaf of pink printed music paper, roughly 18 x 23.5 cm, removed from an album. Very good on lightly-aged paper. Twenty-one grand staff bars. Signed 'Frank Wright. | 21st. December 1927.' in bottom right-hand corner. According to Newsome ('The Modern Brass Band'), Wright was 'a highly influential figure in the brass band movement'.

The Autograph Signatures of the members of the Hedley Ward Trio.

The Hedley Ward Trio: Jack Mckechnie, guitar; Derek Franklin, bass; Bob Carter, piano [English jazz musicians' autographs]
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On a leaf of blue paper (roughly 11 x 14 cm), removed from an autograph album. Good: lightly aged and spotted. Reads 'With best wishes The Hedley Ward Trio | Jack Mckechnie | Derek Franklin | Bob Carter'. Docketed, presumably by the recipient, with the members' instruments. Hedley Ward was one of the foremost British bandleaders of the 30s, 40s and 50s, and his Trio featured in many radio and television broadcasts, and are still to be heard on archive programmes.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Bob. Crosby') to 'Dear Ken' [Ken Ryan].

Bob Crosby (1913-1993), American dixieland bandleader and vocalist, best known for his group 'Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats'
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New Years Eve, 1955.' On letterheads of The Aladdin Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri.

4to, 4 pp. Good, on lightly creased paper. From the Ken Ryan collection. Long, rambling, good-humoured letter on the . 'Here it is New Years Eve and I'm at home, and being quiet. - I was tired as we have worked hard all week. - and its good to be quiet. [...] London must have been interesting during the holiday season - I hope to some day see it but when I ever will is the question I'm never to [sic] good to save money. - Next week we have the Monte Carlo Ballet. Russe. and I am looking forward to seeing it. with pleasure. I've always been so fond of ballet.'

Autograph Card Signed to unnamed correspondent.

Victor Silvester
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Without date or place.

English ballroom dancing champion and bandleader (1900-78). Dimensions: 2½ inches by 4 inches. In good condition, with traces of mount adhering to otherwise-blank reverse. Reads 'With best wishes | from | Victor Silvester'.

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