[Mansion House Banquet, 1888, featuring the Coldstream Guards Band.] Printed 'Plan of Tables' titled: 'Mansion House Banquet to the Executive Council of the British Section, Paris Exhibition, 1889. The Right Honourable Polydore de Keyser Lord Mayor.'

Mansion House Banquet, 1888; Coldstream Guards Band; Paris Exhibition, 1889; Polydore de Keyser; W. G. Forbes
Publication details: 
Jas. Truscott & Son, London. Mansion House, London.] Banquet on 31 July 1888.

On a piece of paper, folded three times into a packet. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The plan covers the whole of one side, with the names of around 150 invitees (including George Augustus Sala, Henry Trueman Wood, A. M. Broadley, Prince Iskandar Ali of Moorshedabad and the Mayor of Colchester) printed in black ink on a seating diagram in brownish-red. Dead centre at the top table is the Lord Mayor of London, flanked by the French ambassador and 'M. Georges Berger (Director-General of the Paris Exhibition). To the right of the ambassador are Sir Lyon Playfair and Sir Lothian Bell.

[Gregory Thurston Bedell, Bishop of Ohio.] Letter in a secretarial hand, signed ('G. T. Bedell | Bishop of Ohio.') to the Lord Mayor of London [Sir Henry Isaacs], sending a cheque for $100 'to your collection for "the China Famine Relief Fund"'.

Gregory Thurston Bedell (1817-1892), third Episcopal Bishop of Ohio [Sir Henry Isaacs, Lord Mayor of London; The China Famine Relief Fund, 1889]
Publication details: 
From Nice, France. (On letterhead of the Diocese of Ohio.) 25 January 1889.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and creased paper. Reads: 'Dear Sir, and His Honor, the Lord Mayor of London. | Your appeal has this hour met my eye. Be so good as to add the enclosed $100, to your collection for "the China Famine Relief Fund." Messrs. Brown, Shipley, & Co, are in the habit of cashing my check on Bank of New York; it it is desired.' With oval stamp of the City bankers Brown Shipley & Co., and initaled note of the converted sum, '£20 7s 3d'.

Autograph Letter Signed from the chemist Frederick Early Tozer ('Fred. E. Tozer') to his former employer Alfred Clay Abraham, of Clay and Abraham, Liverpool pharmacists, comparing New York and Ohio in 1889 with England.

Frederick Early Tozer (d.1940) [Alfred Clay Abraham (1853-1942), Liverpool pharmacist]
Publication details: 
15 December 1889. 'c/o H. Waterman, Esq. Ravenna - Ohio'.

140 lines of text, written out on both sides of a strip of ruled paper, with one side forming two outside 12mo pages (each 13 x 10 cm) by the folding the strip horizontally halfway down, and the reverse carrying one continuous column over a 13 x 20 cm single page. Text clear and complete. Good, on aged paper. Tozer had shone in his training as a pharmacist, with the British Medical Journal reporting his winning in 1881 of a medal in practical pharmacy and dispensing, and a certificate in botany. By 1889 he was working in Castle Street, Liverpool, for A. C. Abraham's firm of Clay & Abraham.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Picard') to Georges Berger (1834-1910), Directeur général de l'Exploitation de l'Exposition de 1889.

Alfred Picard (1844-1913), Vice-Président du Conseil d'État [Exposition Universelle de 1889; Paris Exhibition]
Publication details: 
24 April 1890; Paris. On letterhead of the Conseil d'État.

8vo: 3 pp. Bifolium. Very good. Written in French. After an 'etude attentive de rapport de M.M. de Lacretelle et Millas et des autres documents en ma possession' on the Exposition's foreign returns he finds 'certaines lacunes et certains points douteux' concerning which he hopes Berger can enlighten him. He gives a list of seventeen officially-participating countries, each with the subsidy it has received in francs, complaining that 'huit de ces chiffres sont douteux'. This is followed by a similar list of six countries which did not participate officially.

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