[Mansion House Banquet, 1888, featuring the Coldstream Guards Band.] Printed 'Plan of Tables' titled: 'Mansion House Banquet to the Executive Council of the British Section, Paris Exhibition, 1889. The Right Honourable Polydore de Keyser Lord Mayor.'

Mansion House Banquet, 1888; Coldstream Guards Band; Paris Exhibition, 1889; Polydore de Keyser; W. G. Forbes
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Jas. Truscott & Son, London. Mansion House, London.] Banquet on 31 July 1888.

On a piece of paper, folded three times into a packet. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. The plan covers the whole of one side, with the names of around 150 invitees (including George Augustus Sala, Henry Trueman Wood, A. M. Broadley, Prince Iskandar Ali of Moorshedabad and the Mayor of Colchester) printed in black ink on a seating diagram in brownish-red. Dead centre at the top table is the Lord Mayor of London, flanked by the French ambassador and 'M. Georges Berger (Director-General of the Paris Exhibition). To the right of the ambassador are Sir Lyon Playfair and Sir Lothian Bell.

[ Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie, Scottish composer, and John Mackenzie Rogan, Director of Music, Coldstream Guards. ] Their signatures, each with an autograph bar of music, for composer Herman Finck, on a menu from Pagani's Restaurant, London.

Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie (1847-1935), composer and conductor; John Mackenzie Rogan (1855-1932), Director of Music, Coldstream Guards [ Herman Finck (1872-1939); Pagani's Restaurant, London ]
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Menu from Pagani's Restaurant, London. Dated by Mackenzie 4 November 1909.

Attractive menu, printed in black and gold, on card bifolium, folding into two 8 x 17 cm. panels, partly detached. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Calligraphic design, with 'Pagani's' printed in gilt on the cover, and the menu itself on the recto of the second leaf, facing some calligraphic flourishes on the verso of the first leaf. The two inscriptions are both in pencil, mainly on the recto of the second leaf but with the second extending somewhat onto the facing page. The upper of the two, signed by 'A. C.

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