[ Arthur Cleveland Coxe, Episcopal Bishop of Western New York. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('A. Cleveland Coxe | Bp. of W. N. York') to Rev. J. S. Cunningham, discussing the requirements for American degrees, and the unjust tendency to disparage them.

Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1818-1896), Episcopal Bishop of Western New York
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Baltimore [ Maryland, United States ]. 28 February 1880.

4pp., 8vo. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. Replying to the recipient's 'very natural & proper inquiries', he discusses the granting of the 'honorary Degree of M.A.', which is 'often granted by our best colleges, to professors & men, known to those who nominate, on evidence of attainments equivalent to what is demanded for the same degree in course [...] No respectable College could confer the M.A. - in view of mere theological qualifications'. He discusses the length of time spent studying theology at Kenyon College, adding 'In absence - I think you wod.

[John Sugden, Bishop of Selsey.] Two Autograph Letters Signed ('John Sugden Bishop of Selsey. | (in the Ref. Ep. Ch.)') to Herbert Pentin

John Sugden (d.1897), Bishop of Selsey in the Reformed Episcopal Church [Free Church of England]
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Both letters addressed from 28 Tierney Road, Streatham Hill, London. 18 and 24 July 1891.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Both addressed to 'My dear Mr Penton'. ONE (18 July 1891): 4pp., 8vo. He begins by explaining the American origins of the Reformed Episcopal Church. 'I am not sure that I grasp your meaning as to "whether there is a full Episcopate in England". I may however say that there is an ample supply of Bishops properly consecrated and duly qualified to perpetuate the Episcopate in an orderly manner.' After discussing 'dress' he continues: 'The little Bishop of Selsey is "used". I generally sign Ecclesl.

[Gregory Thurston Bedell, Bishop of Ohio.] Letter in a secretarial hand, signed ('G. T. Bedell | Bishop of Ohio.') to the Lord Mayor of London [Sir Henry Isaacs], sending a cheque for $100 'to your collection for "the China Famine Relief Fund"'.

Gregory Thurston Bedell (1817-1892), third Episcopal Bishop of Ohio [Sir Henry Isaacs, Lord Mayor of London; The China Famine Relief Fund, 1889]
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From Nice, France. (On letterhead of the Diocese of Ohio.) 25 January 1889.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and creased paper. Reads: 'Dear Sir, and His Honor, the Lord Mayor of London. | Your appeal has this hour met my eye. Be so good as to add the enclosed $100, to your collection for "the China Famine Relief Fund." Messrs. Brown, Shipley, & Co, are in the habit of cashing my check on Bank of New York; it it is desired.' With oval stamp of the City bankers Brown Shipley & Co., and initaled note of the converted sum, '£20 7s 3d'.

Autograph Letter Signed to A. D. Snow, Lawnhurst, St Botolph's Road, Worthing.

Publication details: 
15 November 1897; on the Society's letterhead.

According to the letterhead Sharp was one of the Society's two Secretaries. 2 pages, 16mo. Creased, worn and discoloured, and with minor repair to head of first page, but in good condition overall. Closely written, this letter provides an interesting sidelight into the state of the Society at this time. He apologises for not responding to the 'enquiry about the circulation of the Revised Version' sooner. 'We are very short-handed at present at the Bible House. Since April death has taken from us the Rev. G. Wilson & Mr Chas. Finch, and the Rev. J. Austen-Binns has retired.

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