[ The Severn Fishery Board and the Board of Agriculture. ] 23 items from the papers of Board member Sir Richard Harington of Whitbourne Court, mainly concerning his opposition to a 'Provisional Order', including correspondence, drafts, publications,

[ Severn Fishery Board; Board of Agriculture, Whitehall, London'; Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Whitbourne Court, Worcestershire; Victorian freshwater fishing; salmon fishing; angling ]
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Board of Agriculture, Whitehall [ London ]; and the Severn Fishery Board. One item from 1886-1887; the others from between 1907 and 1910.
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23 items relating to the Severn Fishery Board. The collection is generally in good condition, but with a few items (One below for example) damaged and discoloured. The material derives from Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Whitbourne Court, Worcestershire, an ex-officio member of the Severn Fishery Board. It mainly concerns his opposition to a 'Provisional Order asked for by the Worcestershire County Council, to deal with the Severn Fisheries and all Rivers & Waters within the area' (quoted from Four below). The following description is in fourteen parts. ONE: Untitled and undated autograph draft document by RH, describing 'the main objects to be considered in putting in force the provisions of the new Freshwater Fisheries Act so far as regards the Severn itself & those of its <?> which are trout & grayling streams'. 7pp., 4to. TWO: 9pp. of miscellaneous autograph rough notes on the question by RH. On paper of various sizes. Headings include: 'Proposed notice of motion', 'Salmon', 'May 13. 1909 | Severn Fishery Board – Points', 'Byelaws', 'Salmon Fishery'. THREE: Heavily-reworked autograph draft of letter from RH to the Secretary, Board of Agriculture, stamped 16 August 1908, detailing his objections to the proposals. FOUR: Autograph Letter Signed to RH from John Slatter, solicitor of Stratford-upon-Avon. 17 October 1908. 2pp., 4to. 'Although I do not pointedly say so in my evidence my main objection to the Fishery Board's application is on the ground of annual expenses without any corresponding return or advantage. | As an owner of a fairly extensive fishery in the Avon together also with some rights in other streams in the district I should naturally be in favour of any scheme necessary for preserving the fish and protecting fishing rights'. FIVE: Autograph Letter Signed to RH from James Peter. 17 October 1908; on letterhead of Berkeley Castle Estate Office. 2pp., 12mo. 'I am pleased […] that you are to oppose the Provisional Order asked for by the Worcestershire County Council, to deal with the Severn Fisheries and all Rivers & Waters within the area. In my opinion C. Clause 3 is about as strong worded clause of confiscation of privater owners property as can possibly be imagined.' With carbon copy of last page of letter from Peter to the Secretary, Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, Whitehall. SIX: Six printed Annual Reports of the Severn Fishery Board: for the years 1886-7, 1907, 1908 and 1909, together with Draft Reports for 1908 and 1909. Listed among the ex-officio members is 'SIR RICHARD HARINGTON, Bart., Whitbourne Court, near Worcester [since 1873]'. SEVEN: Printed 'An Act to enable Provisional Orders to be made for regulating Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries', 21 August 1907. Printed by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London. [1] + 6pp., 4to. EIGHT: Three printed notices by John Stallard, Clerk, Board of Conservators, Severn Fishery District. 1 and 15 August 1908, and 13 April 1910; both from 3 Pierpoint Street, Worcester. The first and last each 1p., 12mo; the second 4pp., 12mo. The first announcing 'a local enquiry' into the draft order; the second containing 'a Summary of Objections to the application' (sixteen in total); the third announcing an ordinary meeting of the board. Concludes: 'I hope you will pardon me for saying that I have no doubt that the Owners and Fishermen who have been brought up alongside the River Severn, know as much if not more, about the River and the Fisheries as even your Board do.' NINE: Typed circular from J. H. Elliott, Secretary, Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, London, addressed to RH. 24 May 1909. 1p., 8vo. Announcing an inquiry into the objections to the Draft Severn Fisheries Provisional Order 1909. With second copy of the same item. TEN: Typed circular from Elliott, addressed to the Clerk of the Hertford County Council. 24 June 1909. 1p., 8vo. Forwarding a copy of the Severn Fisheries Provisional Order 1909. 'It will be observed that the Order as made differs on several points from the Draft Order, the objections to which were the subject of the recent Inquiry at Birmingham and Gloucester.' ELEVEN: Printed 'Arrangement of Sections' to the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act, 1907. [1] + 6pp. TWELVE: Typed circular headed 'Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1907. | Conference at the Shirehall, Worcester, on Monday 16 December 1907. | Heads of proposed Provisional Order.' Twelve heads listed. THIRTEEN: Autograph Note Signed to RH from A. W. W. Holt, London solicitor. 21 October 1908. FOURTEEN: Printed Stanford map of 'The Severn Fishery District.' Undated. 81 x 69 cm. In colours. FIFTEEN: Anonymous manuscript note (1p., 12mo) on 'Councillor C. G. Clark, Gloucester'.