[ Lord Hastings and his Norfolk fishwife Lydia Baldwin: 'Sir J Cannat git any More Small Soles'. ] Autograph Note from Lord Hastings in the third person, requesting 'a dish of fish', with Baldwin's semi-literate response.

Lord Hastings [ Jacob Astley, 16th Baron Hastings; styled Sir Jacob Astley, 1817-1841 ] (1797-1859), British peer and Whig politician; Lydia Baldwin, Norfolk fishwife
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Lord Hastings: Melton Constable [ Melton Constable Hall, Norfolk. ] 17 November 1841.

2pp., 12mo. Hastings's letter, in the third person, is on the recto, and Baldwin's reply on the reverse. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. One wonders what the fishwife made of Baldwin's handwriting, which is somewhat opaque. He 'requests Mrs Baldwin to send a Dish of Fish for Friday & Saturday's Dinner for 9 or 10 Persons & 2 <?> of Cod <?> & a Bill of what <?> the Last, as he will send the amount by the bearer'.

[ The Severn Fishery Board and the Board of Agriculture. ] 23 items from the papers of Board member Sir Richard Harington of Whitbourne Court, mainly concerning his opposition to a 'Provisional Order', including correspondence, drafts, publications,

[ Severn Fishery Board; Board of Agriculture, Whitehall, London'; Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Whitbourne Court, Worcestershire; Victorian freshwater fishing; salmon fishing; angling ]
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Board of Agriculture, Whitehall [ London ]; and the Severn Fishery Board. One item from 1886-1887; the others from between 1907 and 1910.

23 items relating to the Severn Fishery Board. The collection is generally in good condition, but with a few items (One below for example) damaged and discoloured. The material derives from Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Whitbourne Court, Worcestershire, an ex-officio member of the Severn Fishery Board. It mainly concerns his opposition to a 'Provisional Order asked for by the Worcestershire County Council, to deal with the Severn Fisheries and all Rivers & Waters within the area' (quoted from Four below). The following description is in fourteen parts.

Draft of Autograph Letter Signed by Rev. Willoughby Bertie, with emendations [by his solicitor?], contemptuously rejecting an appeal from the residents of Milton-next-Sittingborne regarding oyster fishing on his property and the local poor.

Rev. Willoughby Bertie (c.1759-1820), Fellow of All Souls College and Rector of Buckland, Surrey [the free fishermen of Milton; Milton-next-Sittingborne; Earls of Abingdon]
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Buckland, Surrey. 20 April 1818.

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. An extraordinarily callous letter, which would furnish a text for a paper on religious hypocrisy and the evils of capitalism. The context is explained in Samuel Lewis's 'Topgraphical Dictionary of England', published twenty-two years after this letter, in which the entry on 'Milton-next-Sittingborne (Holy Trinity)' contains the following: 'The commercial business consists chiefly in shipping for the London market the agricultural produce of the neighbourhood, and in bringing goods in return.

Autograph Letter Signed ('John Trotter') to Hay, with signed 'List of Payments made to Sir William Forbes of Hunter & Co. by the undermentioned partners of the East Lothian & Merse Whalefishing Company Since the 6th of March 1805'.

John Trotter [The East Lothian & Merse Whale Fishing Company; James Hay, Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh; Sir William Forbes (1739-1806) of Pitsligo]
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6 April 1805; Dunbar.

4to bifolium. Very good on aged paper. The letter covers the whole of the recto of the second leaf, the reverse of which carries the address and docketing: '6th. April 1805 | John Trotter - with List of payments to Sir Wm. Forbes & Co. on acct. of the whale fishing Cy.' Trotter quotes at length from a 'paragraph' in a letter he has received from William Forbes & Co, explaining why a credit 'does not appear in the annexed statement, as the receipt has not been delivered up to us'.

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