[Sir Thomas Phillipps of Middle Hill, eccentric book and manuscript collector, complains of having been 'plundered' by a Worcester lawyer.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Thos Phillipps') to the wife of Sir Charles Hastings, in reply to an invitation.

Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) of Middle Hill, eccentric collector of books and manuscripts; Sir Charles Hastings (1794-1866) of Worcester, surgeon and founder of the British Medical Association]
Publication details: 
'M H [i.e. Middle Hill] 12 Aug. [no year, but after Sir Charles Hastings' 1850 knighthood]'

3pp, 16mo. On bifolium. In fair condition, lightly aged. Phillipps's letter (or draft letter) is a reply to a dinner invitation from the wife of the eminent Worcester physician Sir Charles Hastings. It occupies the reverse of the first leaf, and both sides of the second leaf of the bifolium. The recto of the first leaf carries the invitation, in manuscript, with the text in square brackets printed in copperplate: 'Sir Charles & Lady Hastings [Request the pleasure of] Sir Thos & Lady Phillipps' [Company at Dinner] on Thursday the 28th. Inst.

[Sir Charles Hastings, eminent surgeon, angers Sir Thomas Phillipps.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to Sir Thomas Phillipps, regarding the Worcestershire Natural History Society, with Signed Autograph Draft of reply by Phillipps.

Sir Charles Hastings (1794-1866), surgeon and founder of the British Medical Association [Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872), collector of books and manuscripts; Worcestershire Natural History Society]
Publication details: 
Both from Worcester. 25 and 29 January 1846. Draft of Phillipps' reply dated 31 January 1846.

Both letters in good condition, lightly aged. Both bifoliums, and both signed 'Charles Hastings'. ONE: 25 January 1846. 4pp, 12mo. He is 'glad to hear' that Phillipps is thinking of 'coming down to one of our evening meetings at the Natural History Society' (Hastings being the chairman). The date for the next meeting will be fixed on the following day, and Hastings' son, who is a member of the committee, will communicate with Phillipps. 'Our last meeting went off very well.

[ The Severn Fishery Board and the Board of Agriculture. ] 23 items from the papers of Board member Sir Richard Harington of Whitbourne Court, mainly concerning his opposition to a 'Provisional Order', including correspondence, drafts, publications,

[ Severn Fishery Board; Board of Agriculture, Whitehall, London'; Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Whitbourne Court, Worcestershire; Victorian freshwater fishing; salmon fishing; angling ]
Publication details: 
Board of Agriculture, Whitehall [ London ]; and the Severn Fishery Board. One item from 1886-1887; the others from between 1907 and 1910.

23 items relating to the Severn Fishery Board. The collection is generally in good condition, but with a few items (One below for example) damaged and discoloured. The material derives from Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Whitbourne Court, Worcestershire, an ex-officio member of the Severn Fishery Board. It mainly concerns his opposition to a 'Provisional Order asked for by the Worcestershire County Council, to deal with the Severn Fisheries and all Rivers & Waters within the area' (quoted from Four below). The following description is in fourteen parts.

Manuscript Fee Book of E. G. M. Carmichael, Worcestershire barrister and 29th Chief of the Clan Carmichael, covering over fifty years [1895-1947].

Evelyn George Massey Carmichael (1871-1959), 29th Chief of the Clan Carmichael, barrister at law of the Inner Temple and Worcestershire cricketer [Harrow; Oriel College, Oxford]
Publication details: 
In 'Partridge & Cooper's Improved Fee Book.' Entries dated from 1 January 1895 to June 1947.

4to, 168 pp. Text clear and complete, in a number of different hands. Internally tight, on lightly-aged paper. In loose buff calf half-binding, with the front of the green cloth boards stamped in gilt with 'FEE BOOK [in scroll] | E. G. M. CARMICHAEL'. Every opening in a spread of seven columns across the two pages: Date, Solicitor, Name of Cause or Matter, Description, Fee, When paid, Remarks. Giving a rounded picture of the activities of a well-connected provincial solicitor. (Represented Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin - another Worcestershire man, M.P.

[The Morgan Motor Company Limited, Malvern.] Double-column account book of 'The Morgan Motor Company, Limited, in account with Lloyds Bank Limited, Malvern', detailing disbursements to companies and individuals, mainly within the motor industry.

The Morgan Motor Company Limited, Malvern, Worcestershire, established in 1910 [Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan (1881-1959), English sports car manufacturer]
Publication details: 
The Morgan Motor Company, Limited, Malvern, Worcestershire. From May 14 1927 to May 31 1929. [Printed by Lloyds Bank Limited, Malvern]

[4] + 288pp., 8vo. In vellum-style cream cloth binding with flap and front pocket. Internally in good condition, lightly-aged, in somewhat grubby binding. In manuscript across front cover: 'May 1927 May 31 1929 | Morgan Motor Company Limited'. The volume gives a valuable sidelight into the finances of an iconic British firm, during a boom period in its history, and place the company squarely at the centre of a network of other firms within the motoring industry.

[Mary Anderson, American actress.] Autograph Card Signed ('Mary de Navarro') to an unnamed female recipient.

Mary Anderson [Mary Navarro; Mary Antoinette Anderson; Mary Anderson de Navarro] (1859-1940), American actress
Publication details: 
6 July 1925. On letterhead of Court Farm, Broadway, Worcestershire.

On both sides of an 8.5 x 11 cm card. The item has been soaked in order to remove it from backing, and this has resulted in fading of the ink and slight ruckling. She explains that she would have been pleased to accept the recipient's offer 'under usual circumstances', but that 'firms are volunteering to let me have their articles at wholesale prices', so she is 'bound in the interest of Boys and Girls to accept their more favorable terms'.?>

Autograph Letter Signed ('C: Philpot') from Charles Philpot, rector of Ripple, offering to publishers [Cadell & Davies] 'a MS volume intitled "An Introduction to the literary history of the fourteenth & fifteenth centuries"'.

Charles Philpot (1760-1823), rector of Ripple, near Deal, Kent [Thomas Cadell (1773-1836) & William Davies, London publishers]
Publication details: 
Ripple near Deal [Kent]. 20 March 1798.

2pp., 8vo. 39 lines of text. On aged and lightly-stained paper, with one chipped edge. Unobtrusively repaired with archival tape. Addressed 'Gentlemen', the letter begins 'Pardon me for recommending to your notice a MS volume intitled "An Introduction to the literary history of the fourteenth & fifteenth centuries", which will this day be forwarded to you by the Deal & Canterbury Coach. In taking such a liberty I have no excuse to offer but wha is supplied by your high reputation & extensive concern in every department of literature'.

[Illustrated publicity brochure.] Sunfield Childrens Home for Children who are backward and in need of special care. Based on the teaching of Rudolf Steiner. Clent, Stourbridge, Worcestershire.

[Sunfield Childrens Home, Clent, Stourbridge, Worcestershire; Rudolf Steiner]
Publication details: 
Issued 1956 by Sunfield Childrens Homes Ltd. [Printed by Silk & Terry Ltd. Birmingham.]

[8] pp., landscape 12mo. Fair, on lightly-aged art paper, with light creasing, and small note on back cover: 'Gleed König { 122 [corrected from '126'] Harley St.' List of officers on reverse of title. Three pages of text, beginning: 'Sunfield is a Home and School for handicapped children who are unable to receive an ordinary schooling, and who therefore need the help of curative education and special care in their home life.' Photograph on front cover of 'The Main House and St. Mary's', and full-page photograph on fourth page of seven girls and boys playing in a class.

Autograph Signature.

John Hullah [John Pyke Hullah] (1812-1884), English composer and music teacher
Publication details: 
Without date or place.

Cut from a letter. On small rectangle of light-grey paper, roughly 2 x 4 cm. Fair, on aged paper with thin light strip of glue staining along top edge. Neat firm signature, underlined and overlined, reading 'John Hullah'.

Engraved portrait by Vertue captioned 'RICHARDUS GRAVES | de Michleton in Com[itatis] Gloucestriae Armiger | Obiit: 1731, A[nn]o. Aetat[is]: 51.'

Richard Graves the elder ('the antiquary', 1677-1729), of Mickleton Manor, Gloucestershire [George Vertue]
Publication details: 
Extracted from Nash's 'History of Worcestershire' (London, 1781-2).

On good-quality thick wove paper, roughly fifteen inches by eleven wide. Dimensions of plate roughly eleven inches by six and a half wide. Good, clean impression, with blank borders a tad grubby. Attractive portrait of a handsomely dressed Graves, a bookcase behind him, leaning between two tables, on one of which is a manuscript and on the other another manuscript, coins and books. Graves's dates are corrected in the Dictionary of National Biography.

Twelve signed manuscript receipts.

Stourbridge Free Grammar School [Worcestershire; education in eighteenth-century England]
Publication details: 

The receipts are of irregular size, the smallest being 2 inches by 6 inches, and the largest 10 inches by 7 inches. The collection in very good condition overall with only a few items affected by slight spotting, creasing, fraying and discoloration from age. Occasional interesting information on the working of the rural artisan in the itemisation of some of the receipts.

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